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Features Of Education In England .

A special advantage of education in England is to combine academic learning with the development of physical and spiritual side of students. Educational institution that provides opportunities for students considered to Shrewsbury School. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with SYPartners. For admission to the Shrewsbury School to get an education in England must pass a series of procedures. Firstly, an introductory visit to the school. During the year, organized a meeting for parents of future students. For This should make a preliminary call and agree on arrival. Met and had a tour of the school will be the school secretary and director. In the case of your desire to receive education in England is at this school and for guaranteed receipt of places offered to post bail, which is 10% of the amount per semester (for English) and 100% (for foreign interested).

Shrewsbury School also holds an open house. The official website of the school presented actual date of open days: Saturday February 27, 2010 Saturday, May 8, Saturday, June 5, 2010. Open Day arranged a school for parents and students planning to study in England was in Shrewsbury School. Number invited families is limited (only 20). Throughout the day visitors have the opportunity to become acquainted with the educational buildings, equipment, living rooms. These meetings are informal in nature and help make the right decision. Tuition for a semester at Shrewsbury School is 8,880 pounds for full board, 6,232 for half board.

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