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We understand: is not that Sweden is a destination that involves throwing the House out the window. But in times running, the difference between flying by 10 per journey or 30 each way can mean the difference between making or not a trip. So, there is nothing like knowing exactly how to search the best combinations with low-cost airlines from Spain to Sweden. The first thing is to know that, although not frequently, sometimes Ryanair gets rates of 10 Euros per journey towards Sweden. As you already know, this is if you take hand luggage and if you pay with a card like the Cybertargeta mastercard of La Caixa.

Otherwise, you are added charges. These offerings are not very frequent, often go on occasions in December for flights to mid-January and February, but then already almost never appear. Where Ryanair does not have a good rate for you, then must be start trying combinations across Europe. If don’t have a flight search engine specialized in low-cost (below we recommend one!), then it is best to look at the Ryanair web and see which cities European there are specials from your city of origin in Spain and write down them. Then look at what European cities there are offers from Stockholm and write down them.

With these two lists, should cross out all the cities that are not repeated in the 2 lists, leaving only the repeated. From here, the cities that have been, will be going city by city looking for Spain flights ciudadX and ciudadX Stockholm, repeating the process for the return flight, and this for all dates that we can try. As you can see, the method is very slow and tiring, and can that at the end of any offer that you’ve already found it has expired, so we usually recommend using programs like Azuon which, with a single click, will seek you all possible combinations for your flights with low cost carriers within a date range as wide as you want, and specifying the minimum and maximum of days of travel that you can afford.

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