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Frame Mezzanine

5.11 With the help of large clamps can align the frame on a vertical wall, pulling or pushing the top of the opposite walls. 5.12 Frame Mezzanine is almost ready. On the floor beams laid a temporary suspension of the thin flooring boards. Anne Lauvergeon has much experience in this field. 5.13 rafters for the roof of the mezzanine are ready to install. Their ends, which remain visible for future construction, painted 'Pinoteksom'. 5.14 Attic rafters are installed. 5.15 Skating bars are tightened to the internal vertices of the set rafters with cut pads and are attached to them 'grouse'.

To reduce the thrust of free-standing roof pairs are set-tightening bolts. 5.16 The ends of the girders also handled 'Pinoteksom' prior to installation. 5.17 OTR sheathing boards frame eliminates the installation of braces and square log saves time and money. Frame with oblique plating transformed into a kind of farm, very strong and tough. (As opposed to Western Union). 5.18 Within the next plank walls are arranged struts that provide lateral stability of parallel walls. Continued.

Roof. 6.1 Average runs the main roof at one end are based on small frames gable walls, and others – on the mezzanine walls of the frame rails. 6.2 Rafter mezzanine and secondary beams are installed. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus zocdoc. You can install the rafters main roof. 6.03 For lifting the trusses are installed crane beams from thick planks, which are mounted rope hoists. 6.4 Rafter foot lifted, installed and secured. 5.6 Powerful beams medium runs perceive the brunt of snow and the roof. 6.6 Skating runs tightened to set the rafters from below, and additionally are fastened to the wall metal corners. 7.6 All truss construction homes ready for packing crates. 6.8 For installation support canopy porch earlier in the course of masonry in the walls were hardwired with threaded rods. 6.9 supports a canopy mounted on a mortgage threaded rods. 6.10 for rolled roofing on rafters laid a solid floor of narrow boards. Since cornices remain unfiled, all visible side boards previously covered 'Pinoteksom'. 6.11 In the main roof sheathing boards are also used, processed from the bottom. 6.12 Overlapping the mezzanine roof. 6.13 All five Roof lined and ready for installation of roofing material. Construction begins to look like a house. All materials and more information you can view the site

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