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Free Consultation – Advertising Law

Advocacy – an activity for the provision of legal services. And therefore, like any service, it requires a move in the market using different techniques, the most effective of which are known to advertising. The rapid growth of the number of lawyers in Russia and a significant increase in the 'business' part of their work resulted in a lively discussion of issues related to advertising. The views expressed in This, at times diametrically opposed. Some favor a de facto ban advertising of lawyers, while others see no significant difference between the profession as an object of advertising from other market services.

The name of the lawyer – the basis of its financial well-being. Therefore the main task of advocacy advertising is the acquisition of "name" an attorney or law firm. A lawyer must be recognizable potential customers, and this is achieved in various ways. Factor recognition starts with the frequent appearance of counsel on television, radio, print media, Internet, and even a small comment on one issue or another contribute to its fame. And here the most is scope for providing the Internet, especially sites, so called, on-line consultations. Extra costs of a lawyer in this case is not required, because the clients themselves are often interest to lawyers, but only to those who has been active. Qualitative example of this kind of sites can be a project

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