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Possible cause identified of the sudden infant death syndrome probably scares all the parents. Today, the causes are not known exactly. Click Natasha and Chris Ashton to learn more. Now, a new study could provide a possible explanation. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal presents the results of the study. As it does, that babies and infants suddenly die, even though they were actually healthy, is still uncertain. A team of British and German researchers tested a possible theory on mice for this reason in a study.

There, they found out that high protein consumption could be a cause for the sudden deaths of children. For the people, this means: If the mother breast-feeding consumed as much meat and sausage, this could lead to sudden infant death syndrome. In the attempt, the researchers had classified female mice into two groups. The experimental group was fed with food especially protein. The second group, the control group, however, received a balanced diet. The observation period after the birth of the boy amounted to twelve months. During this period, different values were tested in animals, including glucose tolerance and heart-circulatory values. In the experimental group so the figures were very protein nutrition striking under the healthy normal value. In addition, the researchers when comparing protein could determine that the experimental group had a significantly higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome.

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