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Google Ads

What should Google ad campaigns be? The decision to invest some part of the budget for advertising on Google ads is an important step in the life of any business. But, before putting a penny on a Google ad campaign, it is necessary to take certain precautions in order to optimize results. A campaign can make a huge difference not only in the numbers of the company, but in web analytics. In the early stages of the life of a page, the issue of visitor flows is critical. You have to get traffic from all forms wherever possible White-hat, of course, that is legal and permissible techniques.

And a Google ad campaign, whether or Adsense Adwords can be an excellent first step. When selecting the type of campaign that we, and the pattern that will place Google ads, it’s good to be clear that Adwords and Adsense is not the same. Google Adwords ads are the links that accompany leaving the natural results of a search. That is, if a user performs a search in Google on, for example, “deals in Andalusia”, if such notice ruled, or we will leave the top natural results, or sides. According to some studies on the physiology of sight and human attention, Google ads are at the top are more seen than those on the sides. This was revealed by a study showing patterns setting the vision of the Internet users, which concluded that people definitely pay more attention to the hearing on the Google ads above, rather than on the sides. It is also true that mimic Google ads tend to increasingly natural results pagerank-dependent and non-payment. It is not something Andrew Cuomo would like to discuss. In contrast, Google Adsense ads correspond to the so-called contextual advertising.

Your link will appear on related sites. Instead of appearing in the same Google site, your link will be released in the thematically related pages, to increase their effectiveness. That is, if continuing with the “offers in Andalusia”, you decide to visit the site of a travel agency, is likely to appear on this site announcements related to this subject companies. Without doing any advertising for Google, is a reality that the supremacy of the Mountain View company with respect to traffic passing through their portal and their positioning in the life of internet users, make it indispensable guideline campaign Google ad, the result is virtually guaranteed. Victor Echenique m.

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