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GpsSkobbler Program

The German company Skobbler, developer of navigation software of the same name, said that customers are cellular carrier E-Plus are free to use their software on their mobile phones. Project Skobbler – was originally developed by Navigon. "We started development in 2007" – said the financial director of the project, Oliver Kahn – "We have investigated the market for off-board navigation solutions in Europe, and found that it almost does not develop, despite the fact that technical side well worked out. In recent months, Areva has been very successful. In the study, we found that adopted in the present business model from subscription to the service and maintenance fees do not like the majority of customers. " The business model is built on Skobbler advertising. At the However, the project is not a priority for Navigon, therefore, for its design and development created a separate company. Advertising – the main source of funds for Skobbler.

But instead of displaying banners, as was done in some other projects using other methods. For example, when searching for POI links to sponsors will be placed in the top of the list of results. Currently, the company looks for sponsors for the weather and traffic data, that will be included in a future version of the program. In addition to revenue from advertising Skobbler also cooperates with a large service hotel reservations HRS. With Skobbler users can find the nearest hotels, use the HRS and to book by phone. Cooperation with E-Plus – an important step for the company Skobbler, which released a beta version of its program a few weeks ago, as the number of customers of the operator reaches 17 million people.

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