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Gaskets made of a scrap boards attached to a rubber band. In these cases, they are obtained by flexible and take the form of the product. Large size Large size panels panels are transported on special panelevozah is to be equipped trailers. Bearing elements during transport must necessarily be made on statically determinate scheme in prevent their damage from dynamic loading and uneven vibration control points. In the carriage by road of structural elements necessary to observe the traffic rules "of the ussr Ministry of Internal Affairs (1973), in accordance with which must be reconciled with the Inspectorate the transport of all goods rising by more than 3,8 m above the carriageway with a width of more than 2,5 m or acting for more than 2 m of the vehicle. Agreement is also subject to transport heavy or bulky goods that require the organization of special rolling stock and road trains in length with a single trailer (or trailer) exceeds 20, and two Trailers – 24 m gost 9314-59 "Cars and trains.

Weights and Dimensions "regulates dimensions of vehicles. In the carriage of oversized building blocks that are larger than under gost, highway transportation they need to be agreed with the Head Office of highways. When rail transport should be particularly strictly observe the requirements for marker carried goods. We must remember that the railway platform can, for example, ship plate width, relevant dimensions of the rolling stock: it is necessary to provide supply 100-150 mm on each side for setting posts, restraining the cargo in transit in a given situation.

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