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Helicopter Flights

Helicopters are indispensable in today's life. They are essential for rescue missions and statutory duties. But even on television or cinema helicopters are regular companions of exciting films. No wonder that many this particular flight experience with vertical launch even want to experience. Which flights are offered, which are recommended? First, there is in most cities the opportunity to make a helicopter flight over the city and perhaps our own house. As a rule, however, always the whole machine must be booked, you should either bring enough paid companion or a fat wallet.

In most cases, you can fly it over flat terrain. This is the flight, apart from landing, a normal flight are very similar. Who flies the three-dimensional terrain has about her, not just the landscape looks among themselves, but also around them. When the helicopter ascends to a wall or slips, are the typical capabilities of a helicopter only best advantage. Who wants to keep an eye on costs and the flight can perhaps connect with a holiday, which was a flight in Hawaii (from U.S. $ 170, -), recommended in the Grand Canyon or over Manhattan (from U.S.

$ 275, -). You do not want to travel that far, you have the opportunity to experience, exceptional helicopter flights in the Alps in the canton of Ticino holidays. In Locarno in Switzerland-Lago Maggiore-Expressissimo offers local sightseeing flights at the Lago Maggiore and flights to the Matterhorn and the other 4000-meter peaks such as Monte Rosa, and Liskamm Breithorn. A photo gallery of the Matterhorn flight gives a first impression. For these flights can be booked individual seats – ideal for couples and singles who do not want the same charter the whole machine. Original and certainly not every day is a gift voucher for a helicopter flight. A gift that certainly leaves a lasting impression. Importantly, it should first be clarified whether the recipient has any fear of flying. Helicopter flights in such amounts (up to 4500 m) are not suitable for people my weak cycle. If in doubt, consult a physician provides the clarity. Otherwise flights in a mountainous landscape, however, are certainly the most impressive thing you can do with a helicopter. Man will not fly over the landscape, but through them. The cost is quickly forgotten. What remains is an unforgettable breathtaking experience.

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