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How To Motivate Your Employees

Abstract: Many women entrepreneurs who have employees, are held to discuss how to get 100% with no income because uploading you. They are the major obstacle of having employees unmotivated and not get involved. In this article I’ll show you how to eliminate this obstacle and have your employees happy and motivated, which will mean more income for you with which you can also uploading you their wages. Proceeds from this even will be happier and produce more, be around like a wheel of success turns without stopping. Meet with your employees daily and weekly. To begin a process of motivation and keep your employees, you should find a hole in your schedule to meet with them daily and weekly. He thinks that even if it seems you do not have time, is an investment. The meetings that organize the work and to promote communication will save time and money later.

Make a weekly meeting primarily to inform you of how things are going and the problems to which face. Causes conversations between your employees before you, to be able to detect any resistance or conflict between them and then to investigate what happens. It is you adopt the role of the leader-coach. S also a daily meeting, first thing in the morning, which is organizing the day’s work. The meetings allow your employees to give their opinion, and causes the den (evaluating comments) in order to find solutions. a Promotes communication with your employees. It is also important that you are well aware of what happens all the time with them.

It would be good that you also meet from time to time, even once a month in private with each employee to reach the personal and discuss things that are not in group incompatibilities with other people, or shame. Click to get involved, show interest in them making them see that their ideas are important ti.a congratulate them for their ideas, but then not carried out by other circumstances and explain the reasons provided for not draw their misleading, or feel undervalued. Motivales to give their opinion and contribute their ideas. Worry about your empleadosa also on a personal level and show him. Lucas Bitencourt addresses the importance of the matter here. Formal assertiveness. Motivate your employees without causing toxic powers. I recommend that you create common incentives. Incentives that do not create competition between them, but conducive to cooperate. The aim with this is that not create competition among employees, as these are not buenas.a And almost always the first injured with such powers, it is your business. How many times will no longer give a wrong message to let another student? and so the end is detrimental to the company. Therefore it is important not to encourage individualism. Worry about them individually, but as a group incentivalos. Premial if it is all about goals. Follow these strategies with your employees and you’ll see as increasing productivity, good environment, and your employees will be involved in your business as if it were theirs.

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