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Insurance Companies

Decide to buy a new car. And where the purchase, there is car insurance. But how to choose an insurance company? In the Russian market, hundreds of organizations offering their services. Internet enters a query rating of insurance companies and see the big portals, filled with customer testimonials But can we rely on them? My personal opinion – no. The fact that each of these sites earns the advertising of insurance brokers and agents (banners everywhere). Of the eight hundred thousand negative reviews.

Even the reviews are full of confusing terms After a brief examination of these sites want to insure a car disappears altogether. 1. And would you leave your feedback if the year is insured, you have paid and you are happy? According to statistics, one out of ten “satisfied customers” will leave a positive one. 2.U you are all bad: delaying payment, or refuse to pay at all – climb to the Internet and elsewhere write that the company refuses to pay: “help” or “not fear, here are deceiving.” That such feedback is left eight out of ten people who are dissatisfied with the insurance company. Here is another “trick” people’s ratings: most reviews belong to the employees of these insurance (tip could leave each registration procedure is simple). Imagine this: You are head of sales insurance products, you have to subordinate the 20-Tb managers. Give them a job for ten minutes a day to leave good feedback about your company and bad for others That’s the whole rating.

There are several organizations that make up the ratings insurance companies. Among them “Expert RA”. This is a major independent rating agency that can really be trusted. They appreciate the companies such as: , This Perhaps the only reliable professional reliability rating of insurance companies.

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