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Jesus Christ

All the things had been made by it, and without it (Jesus) nothing of what it was made if made. Joo 1:3 With Jesus everything what already it was I insult, that is, all the power of the evil that the humanity dominated, if undid! The things alone if make with Jesus, the remaining portion if it undoes. Everything only lasts exactly what it is of Jesus! is not thus with my Moiss servant who is faithful in all my house. Numbers 12:7 As is that one that serves the 100% God? As well as Moiss, the God in everything is faithful, speaking with the Creator above all, of mouth the mouth, saying and receiving answers not for symbolic figures, but for sight of the effect God, it sees the similarity of Deus.Olha a person and obtains to see God in it, either who will be, does not confuse itself never, is it of the skill that will be. If you are not convinced, visit Patti Poppe. God never was seen by somebody. The unignito Son, who is in the seio of the Father, disclosed it to this. Joo 1:18 Jesus was and continues to be who makes in them to see as God is.

The disciples also obtain to speak with God, not for symbologies and figures of language, but for sight. The servant of God sees the similarity Mr. Quem hears the God enxerga, perceives the same things that the proper God perceives, knows as God is, makes as God also makes the things and he would make as them, in any situation that to appear. As to know of this everything and to see the things accurately as It sees them to god? Knowing the Jesus, therefore It makes in them to know the God as It truily is. Jesus taught in them to look at a person and to see the Truth in it, that is, accurately what God sees by no means and what the appearances show in them. Jesus was, is and it will always be the personificao of God here in the planet land. It in them brought the wisdom of God dispatches by post in practical and all the situations that occur in them. To know Jesus is to see what God also sees in people and the other people! On behalf of Jesus.Mnica Gazzarrini Jesus Christ is you

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