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June Cuttings

It is summer – the time of flowering roses. When the first flowers on the bushes faded – the end of June beginning of July – an escape, for which there was a button, you can cut on a cutting. Les paul may help you with your research. Note: during the first flowering roses for a bouquet of cut must be on a short stalk, with two – three internodes. This is a gentle pruning for shrubs, stimulates an early regrowth of new shoots from buds and applies to all types of roses, except, of course, pletistyh. Y take cuttings of roses with a 2 – 3 leaves removed bottom sheet completely, leaving him cutting up to 1 cm leaf removed second half. The lower section made 2 cm below the leaf, so oblique, so as much as possible to increase the area slice. The upper section – just above the top bud at the base of the upper sheet.

Usually cuttings from 2 – 3 internodes are 10 – 20 cm of rooting substrate for the next train: at the bottom of the dish height of 15 – 20 cm drainage layer is placed 5 cm I I cook it from the pine cones. Above ground drainage sleep turf, which can be bought at the store. The top layer necessarily a height of 2 – 2.5 cm of washed sand contamination. I type out of the sandbox, stirring several times during washing. The wet washed sand placed on the grassy ground. The substrate is better to prepare for the earlier, the day prior to the preparation of the cuttings.

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