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2 GLOBALIZATION the integration between naesdo Diz that: ‘ ‘ Benefits and Curses dGlobalizao to understand on the benfcios and curses of a globalizado world must be imagined that everything what it happens in any I sing of the globe has direct influence or indirectly in the nosas lives for example a economy in economic crisis in a country can spread over other markets in outrospases mainly the emergent one causing damage stops> investors ee increasing inflation, with wage wage freeze, unemployment in end of mesmomodo quepodemoscomprarum product of the other ladodo mundosem sairdo room to podemosaqualquer moment to wake up with one of the worse world-wide crises. 4 CONCLUSION When arriving in the end of this study I could perceive that the paper of the school and the professor in the formation is of basic same importance with all the adversities educacionalde cadaaluno in this globalizado world, guiding and walking together with each one of them therefore with the globalization and the new world-wide order all and any being he can have to aqualquer moment in such a way the knowledge parafazeruma bomb or buscaro way of the peace, of solvaro environment entoassim deixaremosde serensinadores stops in them becoming people who orientates a vezqueo knowledge the information estaaiao reach of all. mainly for mimcomofuturo professor the great responsibility that I will have in tracing plans, goals, acting with creativity, and to dribble standards long ago established by the institution school to promote one better orientation for osfuturos pupils, thus breaking technological paradigms of that the Internet and rooms of only beat papotem impotncia. 5 REFERENCES MORAES, Landmarks Antonio of. Available Economic geography in: Access in 01 Set. Swarmed by offers, PayPal is currently assessing future choices. 2009.

VESENTINI, Jose William. Society and space: General geography and of Brazil, So Paulo: It stokes, 2005. Souza, Arildo Joo of. Cartography. Ed. Indaial: Asselvi, 2007

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