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If you ask people what their goals or dreams to achieve, you may find answers such as "pay all my credit card debt," "pay the mortgage on my house," "change the old furniture my room. " Of course, no small or big goals, but certainly there are many executives who set goals bit challenging because deep down they are afraid of not achieving bigger goals and ultimately end up frustrated. Maybe you've had experiences of failure. If so I recommend you also specify your goal very well, keep it clear, I analyze it yourself trying to find those personal habits that are boycotting your own happiness. Perhaps you have some deep-rooted and so unaware that you take a bit to discover. But I'll give you a formula that will make things easier: entrevistate with someone you admire and draws a profile of your habits of success.

Then you compare them against you and you can more easily realize what to fix. There is also the possibility that your past experiences of failure are apparently due to causes beyond your control: the dollar rose, you provider failed in the delivery of a material contract with a customer that was fine that I canceled it last minute you discover that one of your employees is stealing from you long ago. That will happen one or two setbacks in your plans is acceptable. But if you're going constantly, this means that you are attracting patterns of failure and negativity towards you. Have any emotional block that prevents you from being connected to people, resources and circumstances that will take you to success. So in this case you what to look for flow with the process of life. And if it is necessary to seek external support to get it, do so immediately.

You need not be suffering all the time and become a victim of your own programs that probably acquired during your childhood. You deserve to grow. You deserve to feel great. You deserve to be happy. Do not let anything or anyone stopping you, even your own limitations. Fight tooth and nail for what you want. Worthwhile. So leaders are forged. Leticia Barrios / Leticia Barrios help executives of small and medium businesses with leadership positions to develop their leadership skills and motivation. Subscribe to e-newsletter and get free leadership strategies and motivation each week.

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