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Liquidation Of Companies

You know that normal elephants go to die in the valley of death. By analogy, the question arises as to which companies go to die and where is Death Valley firms. In general, I must say that even in middle age, each solid company is thinking about his death (At least since the age of two). Registration of companies (currently establishing a legal entity) – Just when you want to start to liquidate the company. In adulthood, each firm think about where it lies the valley of death. Theoretically, any company can live much longer than two years if its viability is supported by lawyers who know the accountants and auditors, but without such artificial prolongation of life, the organization rarely live more than three years (although there are also 'firm-centenarians', which does not carry any activity, but vlakuschie their miserable existence, supported by quarterly zero tax reporting).

The death of the company in 2 years – a worthy fate of any enterprise. Sensual firmovladelets usually tries to bury the dead company in a good, well-kept place. Timely liquidation of companies frees owners and managers of businesses from the complexities associated with the activities of a legal entity. At the funeral services market (services on the Elimination of firms) the following options for the graves of business: 1. Pyramid – burial option for one organization – is built for a long time because you need to make a tax audit at the official liquidation of the company 2. Common Grave – liquidation of companies through mergers or through accession – method is less costly liquidation of the legal person; 3. Cremation – liquidation of companies through re-organization of the 'nominal', ie, by selling the company to new owners and changes of the Director General of the organization, with followed by kebabs cooked on the documents of the company (sent by the act of reception-transmission of the new Director General of the company).

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