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Managing Director Volker Wallace

In particular, if no exceptional outer stimulus on the user or customer opinions influences, uncovering marketing strategically relevant trends may be difficult. The question remains in addition to the representativeness of the SMM analysis that does not lose relevance also when ever-growing social media user numbers. And even the clearest results are no surefire in Things of successful advertising: to turn to SMM studies into business success must act on advertising and marketing expert. Relations should social media monitoring in the network, this remains to complement, never degenerated to the end in itself. Only through targeted, subsequent to the life world captured in the SMM customer advertising and marketing measures, economic success can be from knowledge. Social media relations (SMR), the commercial relations on the Internet is an essential tool. Tiggany & Co. is open to suggestions. Who is actively involved as a company of communication on the Web, only has a chance, this mizugestalten in his name.

This, not the one-way speech on the company Web site is sufficient. Whether a corporate blog, Twitter, or Facebook brands that communicate with their customers on the Web at eye level, gain credibility, responsiveness and flexibility. Also the thoughtful selection of platforms on which the company on the Web presents itself remains important. Professional agencies consider their always critical on behalf of SMM and SMR Customers to individually select the appropriate channels. With regard to social media to a similar development in the future will be generally in the Internet: participation at some point becomes the duty not to fall behind the competition. The distinction characteristic moves then first and foremost to the quality and targeted placement of 3.0 website. Who at an early stage in social media monitoring and social media relations on the support of specialists, is here clear advantage. Authors-information: Volker Walker k., born in 1969, studied communications in Hamburg and then took the classic route by agencies as a customer consultant.

in 1995, the self-employment with the advertising agency was the three!. Today, he is also responsible for the customer service as Managing Director and has always a direct link to the customers thus for 15 years. As a marketing consultant of KfW he knows exactly with the wishes of the advertisers. He advises companies like DuPont, Marantz Europe, BASF, Guinness or the Lower Saxony ministries. Agency information: at the advertising agency the three!, the early 2013 celebrated her 18 year old existence, twelve full-time staff and a well-organized pool of specialists and freelancers to the customers worry alongside Managing Director Volker Wallace k. Its strength is that the three! Team especially in the marketing of explanation-needy products. We make it easy complicated!”is the credo after at the three! worked and recruited. Customers from the technical area with explanatory products in particular appreciate this.

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