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The advantages of stretch ceilings are: durability (at least 10 years old), unsinkability: -) – suspended ceiling in case of flooding neighbors above tenses, stretches and stands about 100 liters of water per 1 square! I think this is a very robust design! If this happens, do not independently try to solve the problem itself to bring down on ourselves sea water – and must immediately call the company, the one that put tension ceiling, so that they come from and returned to the ceiling to its original taut, after freeing him from the water surplus. Among other things, that the suspended ceiling can be anything in terms of color selection, it can be glossy that visually expands the space of the room and Matt, as pictures to stretch ceiling, you can set any of your photos, choose almost any texture. Well, if the picture eventually get tired of – replace the suspended ceiling to another can also be very fast. So I'll do as soon as the accomplishment of his apartment surely will set yourself suspended ceiling. Installation of suspended ceilings fact that the aid design comes to elementary physics – tension ceiling material properties such that when heated, like many of the physical body, it expands – here it to the maximum (or, at the optimum) extend and perpetuate.

Opening for use the so-called heat gun. When the temperature is lowered to normal values (and do this stretch at an ambient temperature of about 50-60 degrees Celsius) – ceiling material shrinks, while natural Stretch your way. The result is a perfectly smooth ceiling. However, if you live in the desert, then it is not for you – everything will hang on: -). But in Russia, I think, not too many places with the temperature below 50 degrees Celsius!: -) There are however, suspended ceilings clipso – they are installed without heat gun, and mount their own and everything else! And, the material is stretched ceilings clipso not pvc and polyester coated with polyurethane. Well, they are dearer, so that choose.

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