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The great advantage of this first draft of law is that poda to constitute mortgage on the commerce bottom, nevertheless, when not being in use cannot be applied, but with the entrance in use of the Peruvian law of garanta moving of the 2006 has been solved the problem, and adems has been surpassed because slo to companies but to all the econmicos agents is applicable not, that is to say, the first draft tena the disadvantage of being applied slo to companies, thus at the time of legislating it is clear that much well-taken care of is due to have and in any case this process of gestacin of norms must be ordered to jurisconsultos properly advised by specialistic lawyers, that is to say, is very probable that the first draft of law in mention fu written up by people who were not lawyers, which motiv who had serious problems of application, thus we can affirm that the moving law of garanta has one better redaccin, nevertheless, has some legislative defects that deserve to be corrected to improve this standardisation. 3. If you are not convinced, visit Governor Cuomo. FORMS OF COMPANIES When the enterprise right studies we must study the forms of companies thus next we will study this subject and of this form to have ample knowledge on the company, which is a vitally important subject within the right of the company. The forms of companies are societies, individual companies of limited responsibility, cooperatives, individual industralist, among others, thus are clear that ste constitutes slo a type of clasificacin, existing others according to different criteria like for example the size, heading, the possession or not of branches, among others, thus clearly that this subject is quite ample, on which we offered slo some brush-strokes. All this to have panormicos approaches on this subject.

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