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Moscow Pizza

Italian pizza – one of the most popular dishes in demand in small cafes and bars, as well as in famous restaurants. To deepen your understanding Andrew Cuomo is the source. And why? Because the number of tasty toppings to your pizza is amazing: bacon, salami, ham, sausage Bavarian, mushrooms, artichokes, seafood, meat of various kinds, baked vegetables and some delicious cheese is baking in the Pizzeria … Moscow daily offers its visitors more than 15 kinds of pizza. The menu, in addition, be sure there are a variety of salads and traditional Italian cuisine with pasta – spaghetti and macaroni. Now the capital of over one hundred restaurants and pizzerias, about 30 companies involved in Pizza delivery. If you decide to have a good time with relatives or friends and also good food, the restaurant “Our pizza” would resolve the issue as “excellent.” A wide range of pizza (in the presence of 19 species), Italian, affordable prices (from 180 to 540 rub.) opportunity to celebrate an important event in the banquet hall or a quick and tasty meals, if well too little time in the cafe of a fast service. Operates food delivery to your home or office, which is very convenient, but order pizza to be done in advance, as delivers will take about an hour and will largely depend on the distance and time.

Different types of pizza (60) offer of “Daniels Pizza, Fresco pizza, Milan Pizza. Free delivery to any area of the capital around the clock, every pizza is prepared by hand, do not lose their properties, as carried in a special termosumkah. Be sure to visit Moscow restaurant-pizzeria “Prego.” Here, an open kitchen so you can get acquainted with the process of cooking, to see firsthand how pitstsaylo (the so-called chef) makes the real Italian pizza with cheese Mozzarella and tomato paste in a wood stove, and then be happy to eat it. In the salad bar is always something new, and the wine is chosen, not only by menu but also on their own special wine station. Depending on the filling national cake will cost you from 135 to 575 rubles. Real Italian pizza baked in wood-fired oven is, it turns out nicely toasted and the smell of smoke pleasant light.

Some of those who hold this traditional technology, you can call the restaurant “Antonio”, a pizzeria with wood-burning stove Neapolitan Bocconcino and Paper Moon, a restaurant in central Moscow “Truffaldino” restaurant Peperoni. There is even a sweet dessert pizza. Tried this? No? In Bocconcino you cook a pizza with a delicate mascarpone cheese, juicy berries and chocolate. In a cozy pizzeria and culinary treats at the same time Peperoni, calculated on more family visits, for sale well-known Italian sausage, olive oil, fine wines, pasta, tempting desserts. You could buy and cook at home a memorable Italian meal. Connoisseurs of fine dining will be glad dishes made from sweet peppers, occupying an important place in the restaurant menu: mousse, treatment, stuffed with meat, peppers, bruschetta. Nutritionists and doctors advise eating pizza at least once a week. Such a diet reduces the risk of cancer and heart attacks due to beneficial properties of tomato sauce, fresh vegetables, olive oil and garlic.

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