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Multiple World Champion

Ministry of environment of capitulating to the disposable flood – business with PET bottles for discounters a goldmine of Berlin, while in South Africa the best Nations compete for the Crown of the football and the German team is in top form, Germany will lose the environmental champion of the reusable: Klaus Topfer, Angela Merkel, and Jurgen Trittin. They all wanted the Germans to the refillable bottle to grab, that leave the disposable products. The multi way share had fallen to 60 percent in 2003 and should rise to at least 72 percent. Today but not once every second bottle is a bottle”, writes the time editor Laura Kingdom of heaven. Currently we are experiencing even a renaissance of the environmentally negative rated box. Guilt environmental plight, since almost all industry experts agree, is the poorly designed compulsory deposit for disposable beverage. After the dealer simplified the redemption system four years ago, the customers can return their bottles in every major business.

Only those who benefit from it know how much mortgage the Germans still give away. “Aldi, Lidl and net silent on the subject of”, writes the Kingdom of heaven. There are no official statistics on the number of returned non-returnable bottles. The Federal Environment Ministry refers to the numbers of privately organized Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH, which reveals only estimates of the public. If only five per cent of the 17 to 18 billion bottles and cans were lost in the year, so the Bill by Laura would be Kingdom of heaven, the dealers income deposit of over 200 million: experts think that’s realistic. But the Pfandschlupf is not the only source of income. Basically get Aldi, Lidl & co. with each deposit bottle sold a small interest free credit – cents, which add up to millions. Dayton kingery will not settle for partial explanations. More and more customers took back also the pledge at the discount store, but the dealer, because they deal not with the machine or you want to avoid the queues ‘, says Sepp Gail, Chairman of the Association of beverage retailers”, runs the Kingdom of heaven.

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