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Jutta Schutz is a very versatile writer, she wrote not only novels, but also books and cookbooks Berlin, January 20, 2010 – singer: woman contactor, have published 10 books. Where do you get the ideas for your books? Contactor: My varied life brings some life experience with it and as a result I have a lot of ideas in my head. Singer: 10 books in almost 2 years! Could you say that you are a workaholic? Contactor: I feel the writing as very light, it occurs every minute what me to do so. To this day, I don’t know what is writer’s block, I am also too tightly organized, so I do still keep track with regard to writing. \”\” Singer: your first Roman Wunder need time \”Hamburg is tredition-Verlag,\” appeared and attracts considerable media interest. How to get such an extraordinary issue as the transsexuality? Schutz: A long time ago I had a work colleague to the Woman was. Because of my psychological training he had entrusted at the time to me and I thought it was important to publicize this issue of transsexuals. It is not only as a problem over there, I packed this life story into a novel.

Singer: Muster much empathy for all their people in this novel and this delicate story reminds also lot of pretty woman. The book illustrates very well what mental problems this young man is wearing, because he believes to be a woman. In the press there are reports of Robbie Williams and you always. For example, he was the main character in this romance. \”Contactor: that Robbie Williams miracle need time\” always associated that will show might be because that there are photos, hangs him in women’s clothes. Singer: With such a difficult topic, it was certainly not easy to find a Publisher for her novel. What were their experiences finding a Publisher? Contactor: I advise all newcomers to never give up.

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