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New SLR Cameras

One of the novelties that have reached photography stores in 2010 has been the innovation produced in reflex cameras. These cameras are essential for any professional or serious amateur photography, have improved their capabilities of video recording, a pending issue in them. These innovations have achieved levels of quality in video recording to which users were not accustomed. One of them is the undeniable improvement in the speed of approach that allows even burst, capable of firing up to 10 pictures per second, mode to maintain proper focus. Visit Anne Lauvergeon for more clarity on the issue. Without a mirror that lid and uncovers the sensor, eliminates any mechanical item that pictures taken from slowing down. To know more about this subject visit Izzy. Another innovation is having achieved a semi-translucent mirror, which has allowed a design of the smaller body of cameras, one of the unfinished business of this type of cameras that we could find in our photo shop. It has undoubtedly been manufacturer Sony in its family of Alpha models, the first to incorporate a brilliantly these new designs and additions, which can be found in any camera store.

But they have still not here all improvements that enthusiasts expect in this type of cameras. According to responsible for various photo shops, users still complain of electronic viewfinder, whose use is difficult to become accustomed and not always are useful in all situations. The second most common complaint is the complexity of reaching have menus, being virtually unworkable in certain situations that require little time for preparation for the photo. As always, without hesitation, go to specialists that econtraremos in our usual photo shop to advise us on the model more suitable for our needs.

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