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It appeared, then, ' ' myth of the democracy brasileira' ' , for which, thick way, inexisted racial conflicts in Brazil, before it was about parents whose process of settling had integrated all the groups in a species of racial carnival. When trying to destroy the paradigm raciolgico, at the hegemonic and coated moment of cientificidade, some authors had finished exaggerating ' ' the racial harmony brasileira' '. It was, then, mounted the scene that was? e, partially, still it is? palco of the intellectual battles on the racial relations in Brazil. One will intend, here, to present some consecrated readings and interpretations and its implications in the field of the public politics with respect to politics of racial quotas. On ' ' Racial&#039 democracy; ' Transformed into the years of 1980 in the main target of attacks of the black movement, as well as of the majority of the intellectuals, and characterized as a myth, supposed ' ' democracy racial' ' Brazilian follows being an interpretation and species of catalyser critical of the racial relations in Brazil.

The fundamental arguments would support that it would be, in the conception of Joaze Bernadino (2004), the supposed absence of an intense hostility enter the racial groups in Brazil, being here the relations most harmonious and cordials, had, over all, the significant process of miscegenation that was effected here. Being, thus, the social classroom – and not it race – that explains the different attribution of status and chances of the individuals. When compared with the North American racial conflicts, Brazil really did not develop a legal racism, operating with black a white binomial/to point out the individuals in the social hierarchy. We develop a pluriracial system, however, footwear, also, in the subalternidade, discrimination and preconception of ' ' no-brancos' ' (SKIDOMORE, 1976). In Brazil? how it demonstrated Of the Matta (1998)? it did not operate, and nor operates, a logic maniquesta between black color and white, or better, black or white; before, we have an infinite set and varied of categories you would intermediate where the mulato represents the exemplary crystallization.

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