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The study of the RiskOffice it confirms the concentration of wallets. Some arrive to have ON and PN. She is necessary still to see if it has appositive limit for, therefore how much lesser this limit, minor the risk of losses. Exactly deep that they follow the similar strategies are not equal, alert Augustus Lange Vieira, responsible for the area of changeable income of the NEO Investments. ‘ ‘ Some buy the same amount of papers that vendem, others are a little more bought or more vendidos and this if it reflects in resultados’ ‘ it remembers that it has some types of long/shorts, since that more are alavancados until that market trends leave part of the wallet following.

According to Vieira, long/shorts has the advantage to count on more options of operations in the action market to find chances, what it does not happen in the fixed income and the exchange. But it remembers that he has risks. ' ' The managers make appositive relative, can make a mistake or make right and lose exactly that the market is in alta' ' , he says. The future index of the So Paulo stock exchange allows many strategies for long/shorts, explains Vieira. The deep one can buy more papers of a sector of the index that it finds that he goes to go up more and less of whom can fall or be steady. A related site: sorrento therapeutics mentions similar findings. At the same time, vende the future index. Vieira says that, in Brazil, exactly deep the most aggressive ones do not arrive so to be alavancados.

This would reduce the possibility of the wallet to break, as rumors in U.S.A. this week. ' ' There it are, to surpass the interests, of 4% to the year, the deep if handspike two or three times, much more of what Credit Suisse, Striker Fame, Plural Factor, Fides, Total Pactual, North Pole and Ttica. ‘ ‘ The idea is to give to a vehicle investing it to buy of a time five or six gestores’ ‘ , it says Marcelo Xand Baptista, partner of the Verax. With this mixture, it is possible to join a deep one with volatilenesses that go of 2% to the day 0.80%, obtaining at the same time to reduce the risk and to get greater yield, explains. Xand admits that the deep one started in one bad month for long/shorts, with many wallets registering losses. ‘ ‘ April was good to test the operational part of the deep one, also of liquidez’ ‘ of 14 the 45 days. Therefore, the deep one of the Verax goes to increase the rescue lack, that today is of 14 for 30 days. In this month the deep one accumulates 164% of the CDI, but in the year, 33%.Xand recognizes that long/shorts would not have to follow the market, but says that some had lost with the arbitration enter the purchase of a wallet of papers and the sales of the future index. ' ' In April, with the strong exit of foreigners, some of these deep ones they had lost with the fall accented of determined papis' '. The wallet of the Verax counts on R$ 800 a thousand of patrimony and the minimum application is of R$ 25 a thousand. The administration tax is of 0,95% to ano.*Um of the partners of the RiskOffice, Marcelo Rabbat is also managing of the PR& , The Consultoria de Investimento specialized at risk of Credit and Risk of Market

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