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PSYCHOPATHS /PARTE II Source: Scielo Brazil We can decline some characteristics of a psychopathic individual as they are: 1) hipomanacos or hipertmicos (agitated individuals, you annoyed, and exageradamente active). 2) depressive ones (pessimistic individuals, discouraged). 3) esquizides (individuals that to the first sight can make to think about schizophrenia, but that in the reality they do not have schizophrenia absolutely, individuals of little contact, distanciados, to the amaneirados times) 4) unsafe ones (they are individuals hesitantes doubtful and with aspects of insufficience feelings, diffidence feelings). 5) ablicos (individuals with a mrbida absence of will) 6) Infantile (they are individuals that never comes to be fully adult, they continue to act in infantile way and to keep also infantile relations, and are endowed with one shining intelligence in the field of the fancy, that is, total unreal). 7) fanatic ones (they are individuals that lives for an ideal, for a worthy idea, being different of fixed idea). 8) plaintiffs (are individuals that if become attached to a real or imaginary injustice and that, to conquer its right, sacrifice even though in the literal meaning, all its life; they are persistent people).

9) you associate (are individuals with a social sense little or nothing developed) 10) antisocial ones (they are individuals that conscientious and deliberately they look to harm the society). 11) sexually disturbed (they are individuals with shunting lines in the relations with the proper body in relation to other bodies) 12) histricos neurotics. In the case of Hitler, front to the German people, we can observe its behavior, its psicoptico instinct, to deny the reality of what he frustrava really it, thus arriving at the rays of a delirious speech, that is, it condemned a nation to the destruction. According to SHIRER, 1960, wrote in its book the following one: – General Paulus in December of 1942, asked for to permission the Hitler so that its troop could if the order of Hitler is an example of madness without parallel, delivered the British to it. In one another described story for Shirer, General Rommel in November of 1942, communicates not to be more possible to continue to support the fight in Africa, and that it intended to leave.

Hitler, however sent it a message: – in the situation where you meet now, does not have another alternative seno to resist firmly, not> . Thus, it is well clearly of that Hitler, it was not worried about the German people, and yes, with its onipotncia front what it called defeated, the weak ones, and that fatally they were destined to be destroyed. Shirer still in its book tells another episode: – General Guderian, counts episodes of emotional crises of Hitler, with folloied attacks of fury of tremedeiras in the hands, in the measure where, the notice of the battle front got worse. was in one of these attacks, in 19 of March of 1945, where Hitler determined the complete destruction of the warehouses of Germany, thus not to fall at the hands of the enemies. Being thus Germany as> If to lose the war, the nation will also perish . Suely Bischoff Axe of Oliveira Psychologist 06/8495 CRP sbischoff@ itelefonica.com.br Writer and poetess Postgraduate for the Hospital of a.C.Camargo Cancer .>

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