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One Lives Only 28,000 Days…

… make the best of it, that you lead a happy life? 28,000 days. In the life of a man. On average, of course – it should be clear. But what’s behind it? Assuming, that a man who is 70 years old (and I hope of course for each one that he is significantly older!), you should ask yourself whether one uses his time so that he is satisfied. Jon Venverloh, Dallas TX is often mentioned in discussions such as these. That he leads a happy and filled life. Because that is the basis for everything. How many girls do you speak to every day? How many women enter your life in one week? Are there two? Is there only one? None at all? Or even twenty to thirty? The number is not absolute, but relative to see.

The absolute value of even matter – it is important that you feel comfortable with your time and your life. The number meets your goals and claims you make in your life? If not, why are you doing nothing? You know not like? I know many people, who go on “Woman hunting” at the weekend. And only on weekends. You think that are then better mood or in a better mood. But now I ask who ever sets that you may get to know women only weekends? Why not also in the supermarket, in the bakery, in the subway or in the Museum? Many people would rather go to war, rather than to attract the girl in the subway before all the people, that he likes it. That can’t be it? We live in a world of communications, Facebook, read in the online article portals (;-)) and then don’t even trust us to attract a woman, who like us – regardless of the place? It should not be. Not ashamed for your goals and needs.

Live it. You must be not always explicitly on wife hunting, to socialize. It is also in the everyday or evening when it seeks not the typical “trial venues” times. What are you doing from 27375 days of your life? Discuss in my blog about it! blog /.

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