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Perforateed Plates Utility

For its ample variety of application, the perforateed plates gain space in the market in diverse areas, are in installations acoustics, conditional air devices, closets, turbines, thin, platforms, protections, amongst many other products gifts in diverse places, with this the companies manufacturers and perforateed plate traders, surpass any decurrent turbulence of the financial crisis. If he will have crisis in the civil construction, the destination of the commercialization of perforateed plates can be sent to the sucroalcooleiro sector, to the agriculturist, the eletroeletrnicos, the urbansticos projects or the industrial sector. For the metallurgic industries, some exits exist that they make possible the stability or the continuous increase in the commercialization of its products. Studies indicate that the movement of the Brazilian metallic plate market reaches about R$ 200 million per year. For being of low complexity in the productive process, it has much competition in this market, generating the increase of companies are of the standards of quality for the fact of low the fiscalization and desestabilidade in the market on account of the disrespect to the norms and specifications techniques of the material. This informality is present also in the companies who commercialize expanded plate, therefore in accordance with the norms techniques, a smooth plate of 6 meters, when it is expanded, it relieves 30 meters, but to earn in the price, some companies modify its expansion for 40 meters, of this form, the product will be outside of the standards of qualidadede and with low durability, beyond generating damage for the allowed companies who lose in sales and for the customer who paid for one product and receives another one. For Furoexpress, to fidelizar customers, is an obligator task, the company all values the process of sales and manufacture guaranteeing quality in its products and transparency in its businesses.

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