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Profitable Business In China.

Work with China benefits: buy cheap goods, doubles or triples the cost and sell here. On the one hand, it's simple. On the other – to successfully buy and sell a desired product (in my case is a medical equipment) need to find a serious producer. I started my search from the internet. By studying the sites of Chinese manufacturers and forums on this topic, I leave messages on the message boards: "I am looking for manufacturers of medical equipment in China.

" Producers themselves to my messages are not responded, but after a while I began to receive letters from the consulting and transportation companies that offer their services in search of Chinese goods and their delivery, respectively. With the manager of one of these companies, I struck up a lengthy correspondence. First, I have long made it clear that, actually, I need to. In any industry there is a special and, for obvious reasons, managers consulting companies in it do not understand. Therefore, for a long time we spent on the refinement of product characteristics, the priorities in selecting (what to look for). When we finally reached an understanding on the issues characteristics of the product, I waited for an answer. I liked the girl-manager worked quickly – a couple of days I began to receive the first offers. Consulting companies in contact with the plant itself, and for working to find take a percentage of the order, so the contacts and access to the site Chinese manufacturers (if any) I have not received.

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