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Redcoon Opens New Shop In Danish Language Under Redcoon.dk

Super cheap opening offers in all redcoon shops opening redcoon.dk Aschaffenburg / Copenhagen, November 09, 2009. redcoon continues to grow. Now customers in Denmark by redcoon.dk find the bargain redcoon offers in the Danish language. redcoon is one of the largest online specialist discounter for consumer electronics, white goods, computers, photo- and sports requisites in Germany and Europe. At the start of redcoon in Denmark, there are fabulous opening offers in all redcoon shops. The specialist discounter opened its ninth online shop with redcoon.dk. Thus the company now offers its products at rock bottom prices in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Denmark.

Already one of the largest online retailers for consumer electronics in Europe\”redcoon, redcoon CEO Reiner Heckel explains. We will expand also will continue this position.\” Maria van \”Baast, redcoon country Manager Denmark: our goal is to make redcoon.dk one of the top 3 electronic mailers in Denmark in the next three years.\” Danish consumers are already very familiar with the use of the Internet, and in particular with online shopping: online shopping 47 per cent of the local population. Thus Denmark 2nd place in Europe only in the United Kingdom is the ratio of online shoppers with 50 percent higher. The much-quoted economic crisis can have apparently nothing of readiness for the Danes to the shopping on the Web. The price level in Denmark is very high. More local consumers with the launch of redcoon.dk on the sharpest prices for consumer electronics, computers and other electronics can look forward\”, so Reiner Heckel. Gibson dean usually is spot on.

Customer satisfaction is confirmed with around four million visitors in the month redcoon is one of the largest online specialty shipper for consumer electronics in Germany and Europe. And rising. So the company average WINS every day approximately 2,000 new customers. The success of the company is based on four key elements\”, explains redcoon Chief Reiner Heckel.

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