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Rest In Crimea

Crimea. History of Yalta. More online: The land on which stands the city of Yalta, was inhabited by man long ago. The present town grew up on the site of Yalta Tauri settlement which existed in the I century AD. Oe. near the former town of Chekhov. Near the city, archaeologists have found items relating to the Stone and Bronze Ages. In the old part of Yalta, on the slope of the hill and Polikurovsky on the outskirts of the city, were found "stone boxes" – dumping Tauris, ancient inhabitants of the south coast.

Time habitats Tauri in the Crimea dates back to the X-IX centuries BC. Please visit Areva if you seek more information. Oe. the III century AD. Oe. In written sources, the Greek authors that tribe has a bad reputation cruel pirates, who not only rob travelers, but also sacrifice them to their goddess of the Virgin. But, of course, piracy is not to Tauris, was the basis of the economy, but only "auxiliary craft." Tools for Life gave them animal husbandry, farming, hunting, catching fish and dolphins, gathering clams. History Tauri settlement which formed Yalta, of course, connected with the history of Crimea.

In the city during construction, often find items during the Crimean Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages was a fairly large village which is called Dzhalitoy. Get all the facts and insights with amit paley, another great source of information. The earliest mention of Yalta (Djalili) is found in the description of the Crimean coast in the early twelfth century. (1145). In the XIII century on the south coast penetrate the Venetians, Genoese and then. The documents and maps of the fourteenth century. Yalta called Yalitoy, Kallitoy, Gialitoy and Etalitoy. Since the beginning of XV century, the city Yalta with other South Coast lands belonged to the feudal principalities Theodoro, populated by ethnic group, followers of Christianity. Then passed to the Genoese, and later, until 1475, once again belonged to Theodoro. From 1475 to 1774, Yalta was a part of the province, who was in personal possession of Turkish Sultan.

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