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Review: So Ran The 12 Community-training ITsax.de

Agreement on joint activities in Dresden, WeiterEntwicklungen, 20.09.2012 – on Tuesday, September 18, 2012, took place in Dresden, Germany the 12 community training ITsax.de. Under the leadership of Community Manager Dr. of Jorg Kapoor, ITsax.de was about development as well as joint activities of the community and recommendation platform. matched. Welcomes the partners and sponsors joined this time by the community pit-cup GmbH. for further information, see ITsax.de.

After a brief round of introductions, a quick check took place, in which the partner briefly 2012 reminisce about their candidate year left and gave views on the desired competencies for the upcoming year. After that, the concept of the ITsax.de community, as well as their development and development was presented. Community Manager Dr. Jorg Klukas allowed a year in review. This reporting positive results can be a total drag. As regards the development of partners and supporters, as well as the pageviews is a continuous increase in visible. In the last year were awarded almost 300 recommendations for good applicants and almost 500 new employees hired ITsax.de partners of the community. A community meeting by ITsax.de means whatever technical news and developments.

This has the lead developer Stefan Wan summarized in a presentation. He presented various WeiterEntwicklungen, such as around the central login as a solution to the simpler General Administration. The user administration is no longer the individual community portals, but now central. Statistics and KennZahlen are only there now. Still, there were some Veranderungen also at the Feedimport. Just for those who are active on multiple portals, this is beneficial. The issue is now easier, imports are simply deposited in the recommendation Federal and distributed from there regularly to the respective portals. Fresh empfehlungsbund.de in the Google play store that should be subjected to some innovations in the future – the mobile app. Get more background information with materials from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. So is among other things such as the IOS version for iPhone plan. Finally Wan briefly on the statistics platform kanaleo.de a, in which it now configurable has managed the departments. Here, is looking forward to expand the verzahnung with the recommendation Federal. Like stark to use then presented Christian Mickan their study “Setting channels”, an analysis, where it comes in particular to recommendation systems, is to draw attention to, how about the activity in various job fairs or other company profiles, for example, on XING. The vernetzung in the Internet with the businesses eventually succeed to be attractive for applicants under the bosnic. The student hopes here to participate! The next and thus 13 ITsax.de community training is held at the 22.01.2013. Alexandra Kuhn

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