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Shelters Polycarbonate Products

Not so long ago in our market has a new building material – polycarbonate and how often it is called a cell polikarbonat.Stoit note that polycarbonate – it's just one type of polycarbonate, because he can be imonolitnym. These are examples used polycarbonate builders actively apply this material because He also has low price, and other beneficial qualities such as lightness, flexibility, transparency, convenience use. All products from polycarbonate stand out. The most beautiful of our awnings and canopies, as polycarbonate is transparent and can be different colors, which is also very beautiful. Of course, not compare canopies and awnings made of polycarbonate with a conventional steel awnings and canopies, so as long as they and other products has its own distinctive features. It is not difficult to see awnings and canopies from polycarbonate acquire from nasvse popularity.

This is mainly connected with their lightness and transparency. We have increasingly bought it sheds made of polycarbonate, as they have more and better price than traditional metal navesy.No for the manufacture of metal products, such as a canopy or awning of a polycarbonate is not enough, is used in every case, mountings, and it is in accordance with the wishes can be forged, so that such awning or canopy will be equally applicable to the class of forged products. The company "Steel Profi" is engaged in manufacturing and installing products such as awnings, canopies, polycarbonate, metal, forged products, Metal swing gates, doors, metal fences, barriers, shutters and other products for home, cottage, cottages. Our company provides a full range of works from the exit to the customer on average, provides fabrication and installation, or assembly of products in a short time and at a reasonable cost.

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