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So Paulo Janeiro

The modernismo properly said was a located phenomenon, over all in So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, with a prolongation in Minas Gerais. In others it had manifestations parallel bars, as in Pernambuco, or of commitment, as in the Rio Grande Do Sul. is curious to notice that, even so the famous Week has occurred in So Paulo, the modernistas of Rio De Janeiro did not costumavam to go nor to have activities in So Paulo, while the natives of So Paulo frequented the River very and participated of its cultural life. The reason pparently is obvious, at that time Rio De Janeiro was the capital of the country and the cultural center par excellence, while So Paulo not yet passed under the villager aspect. River had much more important cultural equipment and was the place that consecrated.

According to Antonio Candido, who desired to receive the seal in literature, music, painting, theater needed to pass for the Carioca bolter. Some examples: Guillermo de Almeida arrived to live there, as well as Ribeiro Couto. Mario de Andrade liveed and worked there, in a similar way that Rubens Borba de Moraes. Oswald de Andrade went there always and there it had apartment, as the patron of Pablo the Prado. We can observe is clearly that today, everything changed and had certain inversion exactly. Of the cultural point of view, in century XX the proper matrix of So Paulo alone if defined with the solid fast increment of the university culture, of the spirit of inquiry in sciences, accurate how much natural and in such a way social. E, although the tumultuous Week and iconoclasta of 1922, never had in So Paulo, according to Candido, the touch of favour and imagination, the brightness of the literary and artistic bohemian, the spirit freedom that characterized Rio De Janeiro and gave the greater impression creativity.

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