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A / psychotherapist, is a person with special abilities obtained through their academic training and experience (experience), offered in his work, and capabilities. This work is optimal when it favours the development by and for if same person, in a sense similar to the of maieutics (technical Socratic teaching, through questions that lead the person to the discovery of the secret or the truth of the topic addressed in their classes). Locate to make therapy or treatment goals, usually the process psicoterapeutico-benefiting.These meetings must respect professional secrecy: spoken in session may not be reported to other people. On the other hand, a therapy presupposes an area of contention, of listening, of non-critical, or devaluation of any aspect of the inner world of the consultant. There is a great diversity of schools psychological within psychotherapy. However, you can locate two common features: direct, personal, contact both verbal and verbal-a..

Relationship therapeutic, i.e. a relationship intended to generate a real cure to an inner discomfort. Essential for a good psychotherapist No attitude has to do with one good psychotherapist, any of these postures basic attitude: threaten, judge, ridicule, insult, send, manipulate, moralize, consoling, blackmail, blame, recommend solutions, interpret content, catalog or praise behaviors. Listen sympathetically, that is one of the great secrets of a good therapeutic process. In recent months, Hikmet Ersek has been very successful. Listen, so that both the consultant and professional posen look where something may be causing discomfort. A good psychotherapist, makes highlight and use their own resources, you feel responsible for his changes, he wondered how and ques and not only whys.

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