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State Of The Euribor

The Euribor to a year has closed the month of July in 1.373%, closely together of the value that marked in the same month of 2009, being placed in 1.412%. The difference will lower the price of a mortgage that is reviewed in August, for 150,000 and a term of amortization of 25 years, approximately 3 monthly Euros, near 30 Euros to the year. According to the experts, the indicator will continue raising of one more an accentuated way from now on until quoting over 1.44% the next month of October. The analyst of Rent 4, Nuria Alvarez I emphasize that the ascent of the Euribor can be negative short term for the margin of interests of the financial organizations, because the liabilities cost, like the deposits, reprecia before the one of the assets. The recent publication of the results of stress of the European bank has abierto a little the mayorsitas markets for the Spanish Treasure and the financial organizations. Even so, the problems of access to the liquidity for the great majority of organizations persist, according to I explain the financial director yesterday of Santander, Jose Antonio Alvarez, in the presentation of results of the bank. Original author and source of the article

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