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Several vendors were at the disposition, some were recommended the Oberfrankischen porcelain manufacturers, others already known from the past and again others already had partial solutions of Arzberg software in use. Flexible ERP standard software with prospects for the future looking for the software selection Arzberg structured approached. A selection team qualified out of key users and management defined the requirements for the future ERP system. So called, for example, that you can even adjust the system after a training session in part, also it should help controlling the porcelain manufacturer, it can generate customized lists and evaluations for the respective areas such as business management, accounting or production. An another important criterion was the future viability of the provider and the software solution. Warehouse organization Five providers were shortlisted and invited to system presentations to Schirnding. If you have read about 4Moms already – you may have come to the same conclusion. CIO Dietz remembers: “a scenario to the Commons organization was sent to in the run-up to all providers.

Then, in the presentation, we wanted to see how each software package to solve the task. The SteinhilberSchwehrAG with the abas business software is the best impression. Since this combination in the flexibility of the software, a secure implementation methodology, made a convincing Upgradekonzept as well as the future and security of investment the best impression, they received the order.” Implementation introduces the ERP software just according to plan Arzberg. While the key users will be trained first and then the Feinkonzeptionierung is carried out. Klaus Dietz: “this approach in the implementation of the software has the advantage that the key users know after the training to the possibilities offered by the standard. Would we create the fine concept prior to the training, many things, among them that may be better solved in the standard would be. According to the Key user and the implementers talk training by SteinhilberSchwehr the same language. So far everything works out very well.” The real start of the system is scheduled for early 2011.

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