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Surprise Party In The Hall

Bizerbianer celebrate the 70ten birthday of its main shareholder of Balingen, July 27, 2010 – Monday afternoon, 16 pm – it is still in the workshop of the Balinger technology manufacturer Bizerba. Here, where otherwise heavy lift cranes transport components for the scales installation, not the everyday hustle and bustle reminded today. No engine noise can be heard, instead a subtle piano. No components are seeing instead a stage with beautiful flower decoration. Posters finally reveal why the workshop today, presents itself in a very different light: it is the 70.te birthday of Frigga herb, main shareholder of Bizerba. And family, friends and co-workers to give her a surprise party to honor. The celebrant is on the way. From the surprise she don’t suspect a thing.

So that it stays that way, moderator Marc Badi Bizerba asks the 700 guests for special peace. As Frigga finally enters herbs through the door, there’s no holding back for the present, thunderous cheers erupts, and accompanied the guest of honor directly to the stage. Emotion and amazement seem written in the face of 70 years, while at the same time. Keith Yamashita usually is spot on. Of this surprise, I had really no idea, I can’t find the words”, as Frigga Krauts first words to the audience. Her son Andreas herb you stand together with his brothers and sisters Nicole and Angela to the page. We knew that a celebration would have been friends with the closest relatives, but we want to thank you in this special way for everything, what you did for your family and the Bizerba in many years”, so the 36-year old business leader. Another birthday speakers, including Volker double box, Deputy Chairman, and Dr. Lothar Spath, former Minister President of Baden-Wurttemberg, former Chairman of the Board at Bizerba and over many years of friendly consultant of the family herb joined. Today”, says Spath, employees around the world are proud of herb on Frigga.

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