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Choosing A Battery

When buying a battery, buyers, unfortunately think that the more expensive it is, the better. The problem is that there are different types of batteries and different models of cars, and each of them designed for their condition operation. If it does not take into account, we will soon motorists who bought the most expensive batteries will be re-buying power for their favorite cars. To date, the batteries are two types: small-served batteries and vrla batteries. As the name implies, the first require infrequent but necessary checking electrolyte level, and the latter is not in need of care, sometimes they do not even have tubes.

It depends on the materials making up the electrodes of batteries. Usually they are made of lead with small amounts of antimony. He created a reliable, solid plate electrodes, but also led to the boiling water. Maria Konopnicka will not settle for partial explanations. Motorists with more experience will recall batteries manufactured in the Soviet Union, in black ebony cabinets, filled with mastic on top, they were manufactured using this technology and therefore requires constant refilling the distillate. Over time, the content of antimony was reduced by reducing this loss of water, then came the modern low-serviceable battery. Their advantage – a small price and reliability: they are not afraid Duration of discharge, undemanding in the process of charging and easily withstand voltage increase in the vehicle network, we just need time to add water, and monitor the level of the electrolyte level should not be below the upper edges plates.

Not serviced by the battery. Hybrid representation. This is a good choice for those who rarely use the car and does not like to monitor the battery charge. Now the release of such batteries do not Russian companies alone, but also producers of foreign companies. vrla batteries are divided into two types: hybrid and calcium. Calcium the most expensive, and their electrodes made from lead-calcium alloy addition of tin, aluminum, and sometimes silver. Hybrid battery easier, calcium is found only in the negative electrode and positive are made of lead with a small fraction of antimony. Application of calcium allowed reduce evaporation of the electrolyte, and extend the lifetime of battery, hybrid and 5 years, calcium and 7 years. Compared with low-served batteries and a half times slowed down self-discharge. But there are problems: long-lasting calcium battery not tolerate deep discharge. If it more than once is completely discharged, the positive electrode plates will begin the formation of calcium sulfate and the battery will rapidly lose capacity. Therefore, in hybrid batteries, calcium is only used in negative electrodes – they charge is not so terrible. Calcium Calcium batteries, battery different high inrush current, high capacity and long-term life, but they are afraid of the discharge. The unequivocal answer to the question 'what better battery' is not present, each battery has its pluses and minuses. If you have used car, maintenance-free batteries will be Ca excellent choice, the maximum life and had no problems with the level of electrolyte. If you drive a car rarely leave it on long-term parking, calcium batteries quickly lose their strength. In such a case is worth buy a hybrid battery, it is easy to transfer the deep discharge and long inactivity, without requiring special attention. Little-served batteries – a good choice when you need an inexpensive, hardy battery. This is a rare case when no money solves everything.


Abbreviation hud stands for Head-Up Display, which, in turn, translates to English as "display a raised head." In Russia, this unit has been called "projection on the windshield." This is a special system vehicle, allowing project data (depending on the model it can be speed, engine speed, voltage in the system, etc.) directly in front of the driver directly on the windshield. For the first time such a system appeared in a military aircraft. Different indicators were projected directly onto the glass helmet pilot of the fighter. A few tenths of a second, which are necessary to translate the look on the dashboard and back high-speed fighter aircraft flew hundreds of meters. And all this distance the aircraft passed almost "blindly", which greatly affect safety.

The automotive industry always took the best from other areas, and a projection on the windshield was no exception. Previously, enjoy a similar device in action, in addition to fighter pilots, owners could Corvette Z06, Citroen C6, bmw 5-and 6-series. But now the car tuning industry has stepped forward, and appeared on the market hud portable projectors to suit almost any car model. HUD-projection on the windshield is a high-brightness led display, which is located on the instrument front of the vehicle and projects the readings (speed, engine speed, voltage in the system, the temperature of the cooling loop – the number and nature of the displayed parameters depend only on the projector model) on windshield in front of the driver. Also – depending on the model – the instrument or connected to the onboard system, the car and take depositions from regular units, or connected via the cigarette lighter and take depositions from sensors within the device package. If you have a car, standing on the warranty, it is better to choose the second option, as one of the conditions for maintaining the integrity of the guarantee is an electric vehicle network. HUD-projection on windshield – this unique device, ensure your safety and comfort behind the wheel! You no longer have to constantly be distracted by the readings, so you will not be distracted from the road. This means that you always have time to brake before the car stopped abruptly and jumped out to pedestrians, always notice the signs.

Enormous advantage of such devices is the possibility of sound or color signaling. As soon as one of the values that are displayed on the windshield to exceed acceptable standards, you see or hear a special signal system. hud CRX-3001 – is the simplest version of the projector. Projects the speedometer reading, connected to the onboard network, exceeding the speed limit can be asked to issue a sound or a color signal (disabled). hud CRX-3002 – has the greatest number of functions: projects the speedometer, tachometer voltage system, the temperature of the liquid cooling of the introduction marker light has a color indication prescribed limits in all respects. hud CRX-3003 – a model that does not require connection to an onboard device (so Ideal for cars under warranty). With the built-in GPS-antenna information about the speed it can get from satellites. And GPS-antenna CRX-3003 can be used for other devices by Bluetooth-channel. Powered via cigarette lighter. You can no longer worry about the readings – the system of projection on the windshield takes care of this for you. And you only need to enjoy the process of driving! As mentioned above, literally translated as hud – "Display a raised head." Have you ever wanted to sit behind the wheel of your own car with her head held high?