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At some point in our lives, we may feel the need to buy us a House and acquire our independence. Today, buying a House can be given easy task as it is the Spanish real estate market. Does the big offer amount that prices tend downwards, and that Furthermore the buyer can negotiate rebates that years ago were unthinkable. Even so, the granting of credit by the financial institution can be an impediment, since they have closed the tap of the credit or, if they give it, is under conditions of financial security by the debtor that demonstrate its solvency and its guarantee of payment. Jeff Gennette may help you with your research. Numerous entities are that offer advantageous mortgages for such people. One of them may be the well-known Orange mortgage from ING Direct Bank, which offer situations pecualiares, as he placed certain monthly quota per year, or promise you that there will be no study or opening commissions. Other mortgages much requested is the BBVA mortgage. This Bank the mortgage suits the needs of the customer, differentiating if what you want is to buy a new home, build your own house or even if you’re a person young aged less than 30, in order to facilitate you the credit type that suits you.

Two mortgages have a larger repayment term, because in some cases it can be extended up to 40 years. While it is true that expand both the payment of a credit can make that the returned total quantity is very large, in some cases this is the only way to finance the purchase of a new home or second hand, without spending major discomforts due to lack of liquidity every month. Whatever the case, we recommend that you go to various credit institutions to see what mortgage can go best to your economy. Enough inquiring, you find the loan that’s right for you, and can thus enjoy the House of your dreams in a very short time, form a family or, simply acquire that independence that you both want.

Civil Code

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483, C.P.A., third paragraph). Accessory pretension expressly provided for in the Act, is considered tacitly integrated process and the judge must pronounce on it. For example, section 1321 of the Civil Code, provides: is subject to compensation of damages, who does not run its obligations by malice or fault. If the claim is compliance with the obligation, damages are integrated into the process tacitly and the judge must pronounce in the sentence. Others many cases in the substantive law expressly regulates the damages and prejudices and other accessory claims.

Originally from autonomous claims objectively accumulation. In procedural casuistry, and the doctrine it supports it, we find this type of accumulation of procedural claims that do not subsume within the (subordinate, alternative and accessory), annotated classification that can perfectly invoke some and reject others, by having each one in fact own assumptions and different legal protection, without subjection of one claim with another. There are authors who designate this type of accumulation as originating in autonomous claims objectively accumulation. An example is the following: a person can propose in a same directed demand against a same respondent consistent claims following each one of them in the delivery of sums of money: to) the amount of a mortgage mutual payment; (b) payment of the amount of a bill of Exchange; and (c) the payment of a loan. Coupled with three claims it reaches the amount prescribed by our civil procedural law to be processed in the track of the process of knowledge and competence of the judge in the Civil.