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Cheiros new book of Numerology Germany conquered already since the beginning of time, as the gods’ still resided on Earth, began to be interested in the people for the natural sciences. According to many traditions, the people received the entire knowledge of the gods”, the master in these matters. This knowledge included among others also the astrology, the physiognomy, hand reading, and also the numerology. Cheiro was trying to fathom these teachings and he made the breakthrough after years of exemplary precision work. He was the uncrowned champions of the fate forecast, as built with the help of Numerology, that almost wholly owned forecasts were possible. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with BWX Technologies. Cheiro was the largest and most successful Numero Lodge at his time and a welcome guest at the sizes in the world with rank and name. Due to this doctrine of numbers he was able to help thousands of people. On the one hand through his excellent analysis of the character and his predictions, the proven to many sizes of the society in Astonishment gave.

People such as King Edward VII., Mark Twain, Lord Kitchener, Sarah Bernhardt, etc. among its clientele In a clear and simple manner, Cheiro in this book tries to explain how wonderful the universal mechanism works, under which every human being exists. Cheiros goal was that every person uses his system to improve the destiny of each person. For the first time, this book appears as unmodified and unabridged German version on the German book market.

Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse

Those who are ready to make money with her love of writing must consult only Wolfgang r’s book. It is full of insider information and tips: what makes the difference between a bestseller and a flop? The answer is here as well as a step for step guide, which you can publish your own book and doing the same to sell thousands of copies. On the almost 250 pages in large-format DIN A4 find all tools and techniques can earn 500 a day with own publishing activities. Here also, how to develop the work unless a book, newsletter, special report or special report; How to print his manuscript at the best price or produce can and how to get free publicity, the work to market and sell direct. You rich write the book is a comprehensive CD-ROM.

The Disc contains more tips, sources and contacts the author over the years personally has cultivated. This bonus material will help the readers to get additional support. This exclusive disk worth alone the price of the book! An old hand reveals all his tricks Wolfgang Rademacher himself started his literary career in 1992. He already his first title key of to success successfully brought in the self publishing on the man. Meanwhile, he has sold thousands of books, is a successful author and independent publisher, and has authored over 35 books related to the improvement of the quality of life. Due to his success Wolfgang Rademacher was contacted Meanwhile from almost every major publisher in the intention, to buy his rights.

The Selmer know obviously what is working on the book market and how to sell with profit Selbstverfasstes. Write up rich “is a concise, easy-to-understand summary of his hard-earned knowledge of publishing. If it comes to that Fulfilling of orders comes to the reduction of risks, or to the expansion of the own Publisher into a profitable company: the reader of this book can learn from this master seller first-hand, as they can lay their own works and neatly can benefit from them. The book is on Amazon or in bookstores available or under erfolgsonline.de/schreib-dich-reich.


New Kids magazine for the German-speaking Europe on about 40 pages reported the journal agrarKIDS under the slogan agriculture discover and understand”the readers and readers of all aspects of the agricultural sector. Children from 5 to 12 years, growing up in the country and whose Eltern in agriculture as farmers, growers or agricultural small and large farms involved are target group of children journal. Be sure all interested in agriculture are addressed. Readable and informative articles include varied topics from agriculture such as about the latest findings from agricultural engineering, plant and animal production, the food industry and the use of computers in agriculture, inform the age of the target group in a child-friendly layout. In the already published editions, fertilizing and others was the functioning of Melk robots, winter wheat, the corn, cows, sheep shearing, mineral feed digestion systems and selected agricultural technology, the readers closer mounted.

Little imaginative stories, portraits, puzzles, posters, schedules for regional and supra-regional fairs and events, competitions and contests round out agrarKIDS the diversity of children journal. The makers’ magazine to Annette winters and Ina Kanew are intimately connected with agriculture for many years through training and study and bring the expertise to the journal through their constant contact with the industry. They were also those who saw the need for a magazine for the farmers of tomorrow the today’s agrarKIDS. Numerous fair observations and survey results, as well as interviews with children showed that too little information for professional interested in children exist. There was a link between the early knowledge of the kids and the technical information that access from the career.

agrarKIDS the new magazine for professional children based on the practical experience of children and provides latest themed Findings”so certified AGR.-ing. and editor-in-Chief Annette Winter. Because the early promotion of the latest offspring in agriculture is more important, the journal sees itself as a medium that incentives for the professional orientation in agriculture contributes to this to create. The journal agrarKIDS is available in form one year subscription of the LISA-Verlag. Interested parties can order also a trial subscription (three test booklets for 7.50). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out kind bars sales. Will be shipped with the postal service in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. In addition, the magazine at trade fairs is distributed and is available in selected rural areas of the magazine trade. The team of agrarKIDS is represented on many German trade fairs and is pleased about your visit.

Sabine Prohaska Junfermann

The coach trainer Sabine Prohaska describes in her new book starting from specific coaching events the different coaching techniques and exercises. “Coaching in practice: tips, exercises and methods for different coaching events” is the title of a new book by Sabine Prohaska, is published in the publishing house Junfermann. Swarmed by offers, Cliff Robbins is currently assessing future choices. Book strong in the 120 pages the Vienna management consultant and coach trainer describes the variety of Coachingsmethoden with five colleagues based specific coaching events. In addition, it presents numerous coaching exercises. A chapter on the systemic question technology and a special chapter on the subject of humor in consulting”round off the book. The book is divided into nine chapters. In the introductory chapter asked is quickly resolved”deals Sabine Prohaska question technique. You among other things explains how coaches with scaling issues as well as dissociated and paradoxical, hypothetical questions-oriented solution can work on the Coachee. Cliff Robbins is open to suggestions.

Followed by seven Chapter, in which the author based deals of specific coaching events with the work of coaches. So for example separate chapters are devoted to the topics of career and Konfliktcoaching and the Coachingthemen decision making as well as stress management and burnout. Another chapter deals with the coaching of people who are because of personal loss or drastic experiences in a kind of shock State and strong emotions. All of the aforementioned chapters are structured as follows: first portrays Sabine Prohaska the special conditions at the various coaching events for example when career – or Konfliktcoaching and what challenges result in the coach and his work. Then you and your present concrete methods and exercises professional colleague Paul Bischofberger, Georg Breiner, Andrea Jindra, Verena Merkatz and Franziska Schmalzl, who coaches at the appropriate coaching events can use. The last chapter of the book entitled no solution in sight? It would be laughed! “.” In it, Sabine Prohaska deals with the subject of how coaches in Coachingssituationen, where seemingly nothing works, can dissolve existing tensions and blockages with the help of humor and open up new perspectives for the Coachee. “” “Will be presented in the context, inter alia the following intervention methods: loving caricature of the world – or self image”, the humorous reframing “as well as the paradoxical intervention”, in which the Coachee is asked to think about how he could aggravate his problem or his situation. “The book of coaching in practice: tips, exercises and methods for different coaching events” by Sabine Prohaska Junfermann is published by Verlag (ISBN-10: 3873879719). 15.90 Euros.

Powerful Social Web

How does one customer-oriented employees? Motivated employees are the guarantee for satisfied and at the same time loyal customers. But unfortunately, this is not a given in many companies. It was never so urgent to customer-oriented leadership. Because today’s buying behavior of the social Web, where the power relationship between provider and consumer has turned as customers is determined. Business speaker Anne M.

Schuller delivers her Audiobook of the customer-oriented leadership”a Toolbox for successful execution in recent times. In our new business world is the customer of not only passive consumers but is actively the market”, explained the management consultant Anne M. Schuller, which stands for a new generation marketing. The companies were from the Hunter to the hunted, the customer is the real boss. It is therefore high time for new manners in management, with employees and customers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek.

Only customer-focused companies have the nose in the future.” The ten times Author has therefore in their audiobook the customer-focused leadership”valuable success recipes put together, show the entrepreneurs and executives how they can make a sustainable leadership. It is very important to align the leadership so that she will meet the new demands of a market which is at the same time making a profit and even humanity”, warns Anne M. Schuller, Europe’s leading expert in loyalty marketing. The audiobook highlights motivational and practical, how executives create such conditions that the employees can not only give their best for the customers, but want this also. Seven steps to a customer-focused leadership will point the way. The basis for this are among other things a laughing ‘ corporate culture, as well as a full idea Bank of full customer enthusiasm ideas. The audio book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller the customer-oriented leadership in the 25 most valuable Best practices for successful execution in recent times Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 77 min., price: 19.90 euro / CHF 29.90 ISBN: 978-3939621898 the book on the subject, awarded with the Swiss economy Book Prize 2008 now in 3. Edition Anne M. Schuller customer proximity in the Executive Suite, how do you kundenfokussiert employee Orell Fussli, Zurich, 3. actual. Edition 2011, 26.50 Euro 44.00 CHF 255 pages, ISBN: 978-3-280-05282-2 more info:

Relish Serves – In The New Cookbook By Chef Hans Haas The Genius Lies

Two stars in the Guide Michelin, 18 points and three hats in the Gault Millau guide, five F in der Feinschmecker, five spoons in the gourmet Atlas, the 44th place in The World BBs 50 best restaurants Hans Haas is one of the first guard of German chefs. His main goal was always to pass on his knowledge and skills. He does that in the just-published Cookbook hangings enjoyed his numerous awards as calm, clear, and professional as he deserves: without sensationalism, and focused on the essentials. Munich, spring 2010. Others who may share this opinion include Governor Cuomo. On over 200 pages, the head chef of the Munich Tantris has compiled more than 100 recipes that are easy and creative and, as the book title suggests, on the Cook to make you want the reader. Enjoy pleasurable”offers a passionate hobby chef in addition to valuable basics, a selection of different appetizers, variations of fish and meat, fine wine, and tempting desserts. The gourmet vegetarian to predators may meat and run dishes happy, where Hans Haas has dedicated a special section. For every taste something should be and the best thing about the creations of the 2-star chef is the deliberate simplicity of preparation.

There are no fancy ingredients that are unnecessarily hard to procure, cooking designed to provide no complicated manuals or even the need for specific appliances with Hans Haas as much like later enjoying of the dishes. Long has that the extremely creative and light cuisine of Haas without big bold and fanfare comes out and he is not only focused on his dishes, but also the representation of his person well known. “” Hans Haas about Hans Haas takes as long as it somehow is not avoided simply held “, reported Mechthild Piepenbrock-Fischer, contributors to the cookbook hangings enjoy”. The 53 year old and native Tyrolean Haas has always been his knowledge to a good kitchen others passed, whether friends, staff or the participants of his cooking. He thrives formally, if he reports dealing with the various ingredients for the dishes.

Gently you must handle everything”, Haas says, so that it keeps its flavour.” He is a songwriter, which is less about his work to philosophize, as they by practical messages to pass on to others. Good food must be therefore no magic works that the genius lies in the simple, is convinced Hans Haas. For Hans Haas was his second work, a very personal affair of the heart again and to the great success of lust auf Genuss”, 2004 edition Fischer Piepenbrock also appeared, connect. For many years, the chef of the legendary Munich restaurant Tantris passes on his knowledge with great passion. He coined many well-known German chefs in their apprenticeship, so for example the star chefs Mario Lohninger, Dirk Schroer, Ali Gungormus, Thomas Kellermann, Martin Fahmy or Volker Drkosch. The book: Hans Haas hangings enjoy authors: Mechthild Piepenbrock-Fischer and C. P. Fischer 62 euro available at all well-stocked bookstores production and distribution: food promotion GmbH, December 2009 tied 232 pages ISBN: 978-3-930614-11-0 Nancy Mudrick gourmet connection GmbH Moselstrasse 4 60329 Frankfurt am Main Tel: + 49-69 – 25 78 12 8 – 16 fax: + 49-69 – 25 78 12 8 – 11 gourmet connection GmbH – Frankfurt – District Court HRB 82436 Managing Director: Susanne Drexler