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World Bank

On the other hand it tngase present, that the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, will attend the next summit of the G-20 in Washington with " attitude constructiva" and the objective of " to increase to the representation of the emergent economies in the organisms internacionales" , an official spokesman informed today. According to he explained to the press Chinese vice-minister of Outer Subjects, There am Yafei, the economic crisis and financial world-wide it forces the attending countries to take two types from different measures, in the short term and in the long term. Between the most urgent measures, the Chinese Executive demanded " to stabilize and to give confidence to the market and to fortify the financial supervision to prevent a recession global" , whereas in the long term a reform considers " entera" of the financial system so that he is " justo". " International the financial system has deficiencies and needs to be reformed () Is necessary to give more importance to the less the most developed developing countries and to, because China is a developing country. When the developed countries implement political macroeconomic, they must consider the impact in the rest of mundo" , it indicated the vice-minister. It does not have forgets finally, that the EU pleads for the beginning of schools of supervisors to improve the monitoring of all the important cross-border banks.

Also it tries the intensification of the fight against fiscal and financial paradises, besides the design of codes of conduct to avoid that the remunerations of the managers push the taking of excessive risks. The EU also supports that it increases to the representation of emergent countries like China or India in institutions like the IMF and the G-8. In this sense, the selection sets out to make more transparency of the director of the IMF like of president World Bank, positions that always been have occupied by representatives of Europe or the USA. Definitively, note that the G-20 is saying we are going away to make a system that works, and saying is helping it that the system works, We hope that it is what it will really succeed original Author and source of the article.