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DSP Class

Wardrobe can be housed and integrated. Cabinet closet (a classic example of a wardrobe or chest of drawers, with doors coupe only). This cabinet can be placed in the bedroom, living room, hallway, or use As the septum. You may want to visit Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala to increase your knowledge. Cabinet closet as opposed to built-in wardrobe can be rearranged or moved from one room to another. Wardrobe dimensions can be specified by the manufacturer (serial) or be of size which is necessary for you. Built-in wardrobe is attractive because the body can serve as walls, floor and ceiling of your apartment, because it reduces the cost of wardrobe (and only at the cost of housing).

Price closet define: cabinet fronts (doors), the inner filling (shelves, drawers, laundry baskets, rods, holders for trousers and tie, lighting, etc.), and accordingly the profile, which is the main closet and which are held facades. Profile made from steel or aluminum. System with a steel profile and inexpensive, commonly used in cabinets class "economy" – a quality, people's wardrobe. System with aluminum frame and easy to order more expensive, is used in the closet classes "prestige" and "luxury", the middle class and above. The expensive models use mezhdvernye brushes prevent dust from entering the cabinet, but they can also be installed in the closet class "Economy", according to the customer. As a material for the manufacture of wardrobe using DSP Class "E 1".

A feature of this DSP is a low content of harmful to human health formaldehyde (toxic resins). The chipboard complies with Russian and European quality standards in the environmental and human health. Chipboard laminated to give it the texture of wood. Manufacturers also make the closets in order from an array of valuable wood. Employees of the online store furniture to answer your questions on the furniture and help you choose furniture for your home.

Frame Mezzanine

5.11 With the help of large clamps can align the frame on a vertical wall, pulling or pushing the top of the opposite walls. 5.12 Frame Mezzanine is almost ready. On the floor beams laid a temporary suspension of the thin flooring boards. Anne Lauvergeon has much experience in this field. 5.13 rafters for the roof of the mezzanine are ready to install. Their ends, which remain visible for future construction, painted 'Pinoteksom'. 5.14 Attic rafters are installed. 5.15 Skating bars are tightened to the internal vertices of the set rafters with cut pads and are attached to them 'grouse'.

To reduce the thrust of free-standing roof pairs are set-tightening bolts. 5.16 The ends of the girders also handled 'Pinoteksom' prior to installation. 5.17 OTR sheathing boards frame eliminates the installation of braces and square log saves time and money. Frame with oblique plating transformed into a kind of farm, very strong and tough. (As opposed to Western Union). 5.18 Within the next plank walls are arranged struts that provide lateral stability of parallel walls. Continued.

Roof. 6.1 Average runs the main roof at one end are based on small frames gable walls, and others – on the mezzanine walls of the frame rails. 6.2 Rafter mezzanine and secondary beams are installed. You can install the rafters main roof. 6.03 For lifting the trusses are installed crane beams from thick planks, which are mounted rope hoists. 6.4 Rafter foot lifted, installed and secured. 5.6 Powerful beams medium runs perceive the brunt of snow and the roof. 6.6 Skating runs tightened to set the rafters from below, and additionally are fastened to the wall metal corners. 7.6 All truss construction homes ready for packing crates. 6.8 For installation support canopy porch earlier in the course of masonry in the walls were hardwired with threaded rods. 6.9 supports a canopy mounted on a mortgage threaded rods. 6.10 for rolled roofing on rafters laid a solid floor of narrow boards. Since cornices remain unfiled, all visible side boards previously covered 'Pinoteksom'. 6.11 In the main roof sheathing boards are also used, processed from the bottom. 6.12 Overlapping the mezzanine roof. 6.13 All five Roof lined and ready for installation of roofing material. Construction begins to look like a house. All materials and more information you can view the site

Box Opening

Some manufacturers offer as a standard width of 550 mm with a height of 1900 mm. and consider the standard width of 900 mm. The thickness of the boxes varies from 15 mm to 40 mm. All this is very important when calculating the size of the opening. To calculate the opening obbem need to know: the width and desired height of the door polotnatolschinu korobokshirinu korobokshirinu nalichnikovnalichie wooden door Let's say you need the door leaf 2000 * 800 mm. whose thickness is 25 mm box. To calculate the width of the opening should be leaf thickness to add boxes, which will be located on both sides of cloth, and allow the necessary clearance between the blade assembly and frame, door and wall unit (15 to 30 mm on each side). The formula is so 800 +25 +25 +15 +15 = 880 mm – this is the ideal width, which is suitable for 90% of the manufacturers of doors.

The height is calculated by analogy (with threshold = thickness of the box or the gap between the floor and the door = 10 to 30 mm) 2000 25 +10 +15 = 2050 for doors without threshold and 2000 +25 +25 +15 +15 = 2080 mm . door with a threshold – this is the ideal height of the opening which is suitable for 90% of the manufacturers of doors! And so, the canvases in size 2000 * 800 your opening: 2080 * 880 (+ – 10 mm). With a width of 600.700, 900 mm should be in proportion to narrow or enlarge the size. Together with height and width of the doorway there is its thickness. In the standard model homes thickness corresponds to 75 mm. Most manufacturers offer a way to market the box 75 mm in the preparation of the opening must take this into account. If the features do not allow the walls to withstand a given size (thickness less than or greater than 75 mm.) The question arises about the need to install the extender boxes (FLEXINVEST BANK, slope) and took a box along, if the wall is thinner than a box.

Suspended Ceilings

Who will win the fight? For modern architects, superintendents, dealers and ordinary people during the repair needs full information about the stretch ceilings – a comparison of stretch ceilings. In recent years, the struggle for a client are two kind of suspended ceilings: suspended ceilings PVC ceilings Clipso fabric-based. We compare the suspended ceilings. PVC stretch ceilings are known in Europe for 30 years. Mount technology – is a careful measurement, then the manufacturer in the production of the desired fabric. How does this happen? Band pressure welded together. At the customer premises PVC stretch ceilings are heated to high temperatures with heat guns.

Ceiling film in hot form elastic, mounted on the perimeter of prints on the wall. Gap between the baguette ceilings PVC rose masking tape. Stretch ceilings fabric-based manufactured since 1997 by the Swiss firm Clipso AG, which has patented brand Clipso and technology, manufacturing and installation. A similar material produced under license in Germany, and Italy, and Spain. He has a different trademark, although the name of technology saved. Cloth Clipso – polyester fabric, impregnated polyurethane.

Width up to 5.1 Metran Stretch ceilings Clipso cover without any seams of the room. Differs from PVC stretch ceiling so that installation is carried out without thermal pushkek, the material is cut once the desired width and recorded in the baguette by hand. Such technology is not possible without a highly skilled installers and more laborious, but the room where the suspended ceilings are installed Clipso, not subjected to thermal stresses. Stretch ceilings Clipso – This painting on a fabric basis. They have high strength, not fear cold weather (the range of -40 to +50 degrees C), and even water vapor permeability. This is important in a residential area. Stretch ceilings Clipso absorb moisture when it is excess returns and the shortage by providing the best climate in the room. Comparison of suspended ceilings finished the complete victory of suspended ceilings Clipso! Stretch ceilings Clipso – best seamless ceiling!

Landscape Architecture

If you ask searching for an answer to this question, many sources of information, including the Internet, you will begin to find the best in the regular (aka – the French, he – formal) and landscape (aka – English, natural, free, natural). Filed under: Craig Pirrong. But often to the title of "style" yet added: Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Ukrainian, Mediterranean, Russian, eastern, rural, and so on. Let's see how many of them exist on In fact, and whether they are at all styles. To begin with we define the notion of "style". Style – a general cultural notion that is based on the entire paradigm of the knowledge era, and determines all that was characteristic of the era – the people lived, what they looked like as thought, which perceived the world that read, some listened to music, composed some poems, what they ate, what clothes to wear. And of course, what kind of environment inhabited, as shaped the worldview that embodied in the space, town planning, buildings, structures, interiors and gardens – transformed the natural environment. History of landscape art shows just how closely it was closely related to other arts – architecture, painting, sculpture, as well as with literature, subject to the requirements of the social system and adapting to nature. In the gardening art is embodied to achieve Plant (ornamental horticulture, plant breeding, introduction), architectural and engineering skills (construction, irrigation, etc.). These findings were fixed in a variety of techniques that are systematized, canonized, elevated to aesthetic and technological principles.

Interior Design: From Design To Implementation

If we buy an apartment in the new building, it gets us in its pure form: it has walls (not bad even with windows), floor, ceiling and in fact everything. Everything else – the matter of our imagination and material possibilities. What will be the interior design flats, depends only on yourself. Where to start work on furnishing a new home? It is desirable to find a designer who is best to begin to look for another apartment in the selection process, namely for Several months before the repair. If you come to a designer at a time when there is a purchase of building materials and job search will be too late to succeed a truly unique design of your home.

Start reincarnation of the interior should be a choice of style, which will be decorated your apartment. To find what you like, discard what is obviously not suit you. Only after, when left to choose from several options, we can begin to choose among them. It should be noted that the complex repair of apartments, especially new, usually not without replanning. Here it is necessary not only true to divide space but also make sure that wall, you're going to carry, will not carriers.

Information on this is from the developer or the Department of Technical Inventory. Think about what kind of furniture you would be willing to put in each room, which zones distinguish the purposes for which used. On this basis, we can determine the size of each room. After the planned electrical and lighting, there also needs to involve specialists and give them all their wishes and requirements as to where to placed sockets, switches and so on. Together with the lighting planned and ceilings, in which also often lighting and installed. After that, the zone defined by sex: a floor on which of them will be laid. Here the choice is huge: parquet, cork, carpet, tile, laminate, linoleum, mosaic. Having defined the areas in the room will be set at the same time and the number of material, and hence its price. In the same way with the materials for the walls: wallpaper, painting, textiles, wood paneling, Venetian plaster. Separately should be said about finishing a bathroom and lavatory. Not necessarily all walls covered with tiles. In today's interiors combine it with other types of finishing materials, such as with plaster or paint. Upon completion of all planned out and checked, you can begin to repair. But even after its completion, the work does not end. The choice of furniture – is also crucial stage of the interior. To all looking perfectly, was couched in the same style, will help professional advice. Proper role in the interior plays decor. Here, it's difficult to do without consulting the designer. It certainly tells you how to best arrange the photos, pictures, posters, put down vases, sculptural ornaments, and other interior details. To fully understand whether your interior completed or it needs revision, you must live in the apartment. Surely after a few weeks you realize what you are missing to be completely happy.

Fashion Trends Appliances

So that the stores of home appliances in Ukraine live in Kiev, too, at least, here are the main offices. In these giants and not buy his appliances. First, the price will be lower, and secondly, you can not fear that supplier will disappear in an unknown direction with your money. Logically, the newcomers 'Kievan' can do without TV, without a computer and an electric kettle. But without a kitchen appliance can not do. That save your valuable time, right down to business. Best plate today – combined. Combination cooking surfaces will help you out if you disconnect in the light or block the gas.

If you happen to that, and another – hence, the war began or the end of the world. Here you will rescue only God. Combination cooking surface is usually a brass gas chamber and electric hobs. Or vice versa, which is rarer. Come on in argument further. Just arrived in Kiev, or so rich that it does not cost anything to buy an apartment with appliances inside, or not so rich, so have to buy appliances cheap, but quality.

We, as consultants can recommend appliances Gorenje. As you look at the "burning" or "gorenzhe" – does not matter, you still understand. Gorenje household appliances includes a set of kitchen: fridge, a separate freezer, extractor hood, washing machine (which is so often set in the kitchen that has a certain way to treat kitchen appliances), gas and electric stoves, ovens, dishwashers and little things like the microwave. All of this inexpensive and high quality, warranty and shelf life