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Article 1169.-the provision, covered by a contract, may consist in the delivery of a thing, or a positive or negative fact susceptible of a pecuniary appraisal compliance. Article 1170.-things object of contracts, they should be determined in terms of its species, although they are not in the amount, as long as this can be ascertained. Is said to art. 1171.-the amount will be determinable when his determination is left to the discretion of third parties; But if the third do not want, not threatened, or fails to determine it, the judge may do so itself or through experts if necessary, to ensure compliance with the Convention. Article 1172.-are null and void contracts that have object the delivery of things as existing, when they still do not exist or have ceased to exist; and the and which had promised such things compensated the damage that would result in the other party. Article 1173.-when the future things may be object of contracts, the promise of deliver them is subordinate to the fact if he were to exist, except if the contracts were randomised.

Article 1174.-can be contentious things, those given contracts in garment or antichresis, mortgaged or foreclosed, except the duty to satisfy the prejudice that the contract proves to third parties. Article 1175.-not can be covered by a contract future inheritance, although it held with consent (d) the person whose succession is concerned; nor the eventual hereditary rights on particular objects. Article 1176.-price contracts simultaneously made on present goods and goods that depend on a not yet delayed succession, are null and void in all, when they have been concluded by one and the same, unless one in whose interest the contract has become consents that the totality of the price will be only by the present goods. Article 1177.-outside things can be subject to contracts. If that promises to deliver beyond things had not guaranteed the success of the promise, it is only obliged to employ the means necessary to perform the provision.

Contracting Parties

If the fault has of the thing not being delivered, it must meet the losses and interest. You must also satisfy them, when he secured the promise, and this has no effect. Article 1178.-which had hired about outside things like things themselves, if it does not make them tradition, incurs the crime of estelionato and is responsible for all the losses and interest. Art., 1179-also incurs the crime of estelionato and will be responsible for all losses and interests who other bad faith on contentious things, pledged, mortgaged or foreclosed, as if they were free, provided that the other party has accepted the promise of good faith. CODE CIVIL English.-second section-the object of the contracts.-Art. 1271.-can be object of contract all the things that are not outside trade in men, even future ones.

On future inheritance not may be, however, held other contracts than those whose object is to practice division of a flow between living according to the article 1056. May be equally subject to contract all services that are not contrary to laws or morality. Article 1272.-may not be covered by contract. the things or services impossible. Article 1273.-object of any contract must be one certain thing in terms of its kind the indeterminacy in the amount will not be obstacle for the existence of the contract, wherever possible to determine without again Convention between the Contracting Parties.

CODIGO CIVIL MEXICANO.-of the object and the motive or purpose of the contracts-Art. 1824-are subject to contracts: I. the thing that the obligor must be given; II. the fact that the obligor must do or not do. Art. 1825.-the case of the contract should: first, exist in nature; Second, to be determined or determinable in terms of their species; and third, be in the trade. Article 1826.-the future things can be covered by a contract. However, it cannot so the inheritance of a living person, even if this give their consent.