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Landscape Architecture

If you ask searching for an answer to this question, many sources of information, including the Internet, you will begin to find the best in the regular (aka – the French, he – formal) and landscape (aka – English, natural, free, natural). Filed under: Craig Pirrong. But often to the title of "style" yet added: Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Ukrainian, Mediterranean, Russian, eastern, rural, and so on. Let's see how many of them exist on In fact, and whether they are at all styles. To begin with we define the notion of "style". Style – a general cultural notion that is based on the entire paradigm of the knowledge era, and determines all that was characteristic of the era – the people lived, what they looked like as thought, which perceived the world that read, some listened to music, composed some poems, what they ate, what clothes to wear. And of course, what kind of environment inhabited, as shaped the worldview that embodied in the space, town planning, buildings, structures, interiors and gardens – transformed the natural environment. History of landscape art shows just how closely it was closely related to other arts – architecture, painting, sculpture, as well as with literature, subject to the requirements of the social system and adapting to nature. In the gardening art is embodied to achieve Plant (ornamental horticulture, plant breeding, introduction), architectural and engineering skills (construction, irrigation, etc.). These findings were fixed in a variety of techniques that are systematized, canonized, elevated to aesthetic and technological principles.