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– The most accurate and fastest possibility of the judicial decision as an overlap arrest of the debtor's claims against third parties. This matter falls within the competence of the lower court at the place of residence. The decision on seizure of property takes the lower court. The creditor must acknowledge requirements in relation to third parties. By adjudication of the arrest of the debtor's property is not checked, the availability requirements of reality. Seizure of movable property of the debtor and its implementation is often not brings much success.

Although in most cases, personal property may be seized, its implementation will not bring the expected financial results. Western Union often says this. Execution of court decisions regarding real estate occurs either through a mortgage, which must then be implemented, either by immediate forced sale of property by auction or by introducing compulsory management. The Implementation Process land is often quite long and expensive. In this case, the necessary expertise to determine the most effective way of selling real estate. 6. How long is the procedure for executing decision of the court? – Decisions of the recovery requirements are executed relatively quickly. By notification to the lender may report to a third party to the debtor of its disagreement on the payment of cash. Then, the lender seeking the seizure of cash and a court decision on the transfer of the creditor rights of the debtor.

Even before the notice of the decision in respect of the debtor in any case it is possible to pre-ban payments (equivalent to arrest), which provides the effect of psychological pressure. When submitting a well-formed decision on the application it is usually taken two to three weeks from the date of submission. – Execution court decision in respect of movable property is the responsibility of law enforcement. They are chronically overworked and are not very flexible, so that the execution of judicial decisions are often bogged down. – Execution of court decisions on real estate is within the competence of the court. When submitting a well-formed statements can count on its timely consideration. In the so-called. new federal states (Saxony / Sachsen /, Saxony-Anhalt / Sachsen-Anhalt /, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern /, Brandenburg / Brandenburg / Thuringia and / Thueringen /) courts, which deal with land cadastre, heavily overloaded and lack of staff, so you have to be delayed. Implementation Real estate can take a long time, so that the proceeds from the sale can only expect one to two years. 7. What can a creditor, if the decision of the court was not successful? In principle creditor can use all the above possibilities for implementation of the decision of the court. He may also try to use these capabilities in parallel. If the court decision is not successful, the lender may require the debtor's written statement on the status of his property. In this case, the lender gets the record of trial, a statement of the debtor. It often helps to find new opportunities for the execution of court decisions because the debtor is thereby required to provide new data, including for example and his work. Execution of court decisions can be repeated as long as the debtor does not settle with creditors. It is recommended to repeat the procedure adjudication on the execution of every two to three years.

Buy Real Estate Property

Purchase Dutch – Netherlands real estate is a complex area of activity, so before you come in contact with local realtors or real estate agents who have property for sale Holland – the Netherlands, you probably will count it helpful to learn more about what is behind the purchase of property, real estate in the Netherlands. Owning your own home among the Dutch was the phenomenon of relatively unusual before the 1960s, when more people began to seek to purchase or build their own homes. The Government of the Netherlands – the Netherlands continues to promote home ownership. Freedom of choice and individual home now encouraged, in contrast to previous political strategies aimed at building mass housing, which has no distinctive features. Netherlands – The Netherlands is a small but densely populated country.

This leads to a situation – especially near big cities – where demand exceeds supply and thus price increases above the reach of many potential buyers. However, in the north situation is not so critical. As a general rule (except when buying for investment purposes), most sources do not recommend buying property in the Netherlands – the Netherlands, if you do not intend to stay in There are more than three years. The costs associated with the acquisition of property in the Netherlands – Holland (and relatively slow growth in prices at this time) are such that the profitability of such a purchase seems unlikely. The aim of this paper is an overview of processes related to the acquisition of property in the Netherlands – the Netherlands, but it can not cover all circumstances. Therefore, you will need professional consultation regarding individual cases. Be prepared for the costs to purchase real estate in the Netherlands – Holland There are some costs, namely: Rating (taxierapport): Approximately 0.2% of the purchase price (plus BTW (tax value added tax).) The rate may be negotiable, but costs may be taxed depending on the circumstances of the preliminary contract (koopovereenkomst): Approximately 0.3% (plus BTW) of the purchase price.

Appendix Mortgaged

Rules of art. Art. 36, 37 of the Law of Ukraine "On mortgage" does not exclude the possibility of acquiring ownership of the mortgagee mortgaged property by the court. These standards meet the requirements of a mortgagee by the acquisition of title to the mortgaged property is identified primarily with the method of foreclosure, which along with others, can be used, if any, stipulated in the contract. Contact information is here: Western Union. Therefore, in the case of establishing this method of foreclosure in the contract mortgagee under Part 2 of Art. 16 Civil Code of Ukraine has the right to demand of his trial. In addition, the possibility is through the courts to decide on the foreclosure of the mortgaged property by acquiring a mortgagee title to it, irrespective of address this issue out of court, and is connected with the fact that often in the mortgage agreement, such terms are written out clearly and indicate only the general rule that possibility.

Therefore, not all pointing in the contract conditions of transfer of title to the mortgaged property to the mortgagee, but only pointing out the general possibility of this, there will be no grounds for re-registration and ownership of the mortgaged property ( 2.2 Transitional provisions on the procedure of state registration of ownership of real property, approved by Order of the Ministry of Justice of 07.02.2002r. 7 / 5, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 157/6445 for 18.02.2002r and part 1 its Appendix 1). Forced evictions carried out by a court only under certain circumstances: if people do not voluntarily released a house or dwelling, which is levied on both mortgaged property within one month from the date of receipt of the written requirements of the new owner or mortgagee or in any other period agreed by the parties.

The Pension Fund

The procedure for issuing a certificate for maternity capital to date is as follows: The Pension Fund accept the documents, copy them from originals and certify, accept your application and then within a month of checking the reliability of the data that you provide. After that, no later than 5 days from the date of the decision to grant a certificate or refusal to extradite him you will be notified. If you suddenly fail, then the notice will specify the reason. If you do not agree with this decision, you have the right to appeal this decision to a higher authority or the FIU in court. But I I think first is to once again turn to the FIU for further details, it is possible that this is just a matter of lack of press on some of the documents submitted, or some kind of like a small thing. In this case, the right to further action state support for families with children, in other words, using money from the parent capital can be realized by persons who will receive a 2007 state certificate for maternity capital, not before 2010, that is, three years later.

For information: Regulations governing the issue of the amount, method of use and issuance of the "mother (family) capital": 1. Federal Law of 29.12.2006 N 256-FZ "On Additional Measures state support for families with children. " 2. 873 of 30.12.2006 on "Rules of application for a state certificate for the mother (family) capital and issuance of state certificates on the parent (family) capital. " 3. In addition, the Russian government granted the right of the Ministry of Health and Social Development in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and, if necessary with other federal executive agencies to publish an explanation (Government Decree on 30.12.2006 N 875). This means that the program of the parent capital bude consistently published many clarification on the basis of emerging cases. Anna Dorozhinskiy specifically for DrugMe.ru Source: DrugMe.ru

Free Consultation – Advertising Law

Advocacy – an activity for the provision of legal services. And therefore, like any service, it requires a move in the market using different techniques, the most effective of which are known to advertising. The rapid growth of the number of lawyers in Russia and a significant increase in the 'business' part of their work resulted in a lively discussion of issues related to advertising. The views expressed in This, at times diametrically opposed. Some favor a de facto ban advertising of lawyers, while others see no significant difference between the profession as an object of advertising from other market services.

The name of the lawyer – the basis of its financial well-being. Therefore the main task of advocacy advertising is the acquisition of "name" an attorney or law firm. A lawyer must be recognizable potential customers, and this is achieved in various ways. Factor recognition starts with the frequent appearance of counsel on television, radio, print media, Internet, and even a small comment on one issue or another contribute to its fame. And here the most is scope for providing the Internet, especially sites, so called, on-line consultations. Extra costs of a lawyer in this case is not required, because the clients themselves are often interest to lawyers, but only to those who has been active. Qualitative example of this kind of sites can be a project