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Key Program

The belief that it is very difficult to get rich and we’d spend most of our life working very hard if we wanted to we retire with enough for living our last days in a dignified manner and without major concerns sold the vast majority of people around the world. Then I want to ask, if you believe in this way of life how you doing with that plan of life? Well, I do not I was going very well until I learned that I had to start to think differently if he intended to approach me even a little financial freedom. Basically, it is the fear of the unknown that keeps people immobile in his uncomfortable comfort zone. The majority of people are not comfortable in their current situations, but do not dare move for fear to do something different. To improve your current situation, you need to first change your way of thinking, that includes the first step which is to confront your fears. Change the way in which we think does not happen from one day to another, obviously takes time, and requires that you reprogrames your thoughts as well as enter into action.

The majority of our habits, particularly money management habits, normally us away from wealth, which we can see easily if we analyze our States of mind your money every month is increasing or declining? Your additional revenue generating assets continue to grow each month, are stagnant or still don’t have none? Our bad habits and all a life feed our brains with ideas of poverty we have constantly struggling to conscious level and unconscious against the idea that there may be better ways of generating increasingly more revenue in a constant way. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daniel Gafford. There are many ways of thinking. If we compare a rich person, with middle-class and poor class we will see that each of them has a way of thinking very different. You may wish to learn more. If so, Marko Dimitrijevic, author is the place to go. It is not that one is right or wrong, they are just different ways of thinking and therefore represent different realities. That reality would you live? Change your reality requires of certain knowledge, experiences, successes and failures.

Suppose that for some reason you think that it is wrong to want to be rich, and that sounds a little miser and selfish. In this case the normal or expected would fight against the possibility of being rich. So, just think for a moment about this: If you can change your reality and you become rich enough to ensure financial freedom for your family, for several generations, surely the fear and concern of having to fight your whole life for the financial security of your family simply would be, is not it?. On the other hand, if you manage to get financial and time freedom, you’d have the possibility to help and teach people that achieve the same thing you’ve accomplished. If you have an internal conflict with the idea of being rich and on the other hand want to be rich, you can keep this fight on poverty’s lifetime, with luck could finish in the class average, as has happened to many people. Improve your financial future and focus on become rich starts with small changes in your way of thinking, so if you identify that you have a conflict with respect to wealth, you should start as soon as possible with the rescheduling of the way you think especially in financial terms and thus achieve change your reality.


Termination of employment without trial \”noiseless\” separation of employees 1. In times of crisis like these are almost daily business separation of staff. Unfortunately can often only to personnel costs significantly lowered and kept the company in the black. Separation of employees can hardly avoid for a company but also because these fast-moving times. Just who keeps up with on the battle field of new media, dealing with the ever more complicated communication platforms and has a high degree of flexibility, strength and resistance to stress, appeared in the front ranks.

So an employee who had always good work in the past, due to lack of know-how and lack of readiness is the new world of work\”to adapt to a load will be. Marko Dimitrijevic author will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Another way the employer remains rare, than to separate from this staff. Often just these workers are not vulnerable in terms of protection against dismissal and are still tolerated in operation in the absence of an alternative solution. This acquiescence usually leads to a tense atmosphere in the company and adversely affects the operating climate. Outwardly, the company loses its progress, which can ultimately mean the position on the market. The employer should not hope to say goodbye to unwanted employees due to the unsatisfactory situation itself. Rather is often years of cooperation\”to count, which has a negative effect on both parties: it creates a permanent mutual dissatisfaction and a major disruption of operation peace, which earlier or later the workforce can be a total hit. 2.

the legal situation the fast separation desired by the employer of the employee is usually not possible. Often preclude legal and collective dismissal protection-related reasons. \”Employers rarely tells his employees for understandable reasons, that this undesirable\” is. The staff is usually the suspenseful atmosphere, is rarely aware of a fault\”. This results mainly from the missing communication of the employer.


Last minute: tax later return the tax return for the year of 2010 was to submit regularly until May 31, 2011. In some cases, this task is however longer than foreseen, therefore the tax under certain circumstances admits an extension of the deadline. The finance portal geld.de explains the situation. Under certain conditions, citizens who pay taxes, are required to submit an income tax return with the tax office. For many, this is not a simple task, therefore, consultation with a tax advisor can be helpful.

A delay of a few days usually does not entail disadvantages. Should the tax return but does not arrive in the first days of June, the Office sent reminders to offending people. With such a warning, a further period shall be determined by four weeks. Alex Caruso insists that this is the case. In case of a delay without plausible explanation, the IRS has the right to charge a default, which is due regardless of any additional payments. Who the Deadline to submit of the tax return do not comply can, has the opportunity to apply for an extension at the tax office. For example a disease of the explanatory, overwork, a parade or any outstanding documents could be the reasons. The extension can be requested by telephone and by letter, E-Mail or fax. More information: blog.geld.de/… GELD.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Robber, Fixedterm

A polemic on the fee-based governance. Robber, overpaying. Robber, so is it in the “Brockhaus”, were “members of the Knights stand, the social and wirtsch.” Break of the 14th and 15th century were … uprooted and their plight to change sought by highway robbery with extortion of ransom.” “Social and economic upheaval”, “Emergency”, highway robbery, “Blackmail” and “Looting trains” (German Wikipedia)? All familiar to whom, who has had to do lately with paid administrative action in the Federal Republic of Germany; in the plain text of the Volksmundes also simply called “Rip-off”. Verbeamtete robber, one could say the the traditional financial emergency in the municipalities “modify search”. Fee-based governance examples anyone? The first copy of the birth certificate of the child will enjoy at most 7, each additional copy of 3.50.

For this you get a photo copy (5 ct in the copy shop) and a signature and stamp (for You have paid anyway with your taxes). At least get a smile of the competent robbery Knight now with happiness (Raubritterinnen with mean of course!), but maybe not. In a question-answer forum Anne Lauvergeon was the first to reply. Oh yeah, and it lasts at least a week. “This warning will encounter first when you little understanding.” As far as the harmless examples. Which – in addition to Hesse – Stammlandle of the chivalry of the robbery, the beautiful Baden-Wurttemberg, an incident note has reached us, which itself requires the cynical viewers of State-sanctioned street robbery even a raised eyebrow. The victim, with 8 points, admittedly partly justified, in a Flensburger file well-known to us all loaded, got through personal (!) Delivery presented a document, that obliged him to pay 20,22. Ticket without violation was he caught again when driving too fast? He took the way an old lady on the crosswalk? No. The reason for the fee-based warning was only the Fact that the point account in Flensburg, Germany now had the amount of 8 and a paid communication in the sense of a warning is required.

The fee was, by the way, was to be inferred, only 17,90 from the tripartite writ. The remaining 2.32 were as “Expenses” declares, whatever that might mean what. Located in the said document but then the set, which indicates that the Gebrandschatze (you know) to be even after stroke and thread _ here in addition, and according to good old custom. We quote verbatim: “This warning is when you first little understanding encounter.” Factually correct, we would answer in the robber idiom; except for the “first”. Andreas Kellner…


A form of lack of a will cannot be cured with a testament you want to generally regulate his past Affairs. The assets to be distributed among relatives or friends and sometimes wants to be with the or the heirs a few instructions on the way, what to do with the own fortune after the death. It slumber only many wills in Germany’s cabinets, which cannot meet the above function of the settlement of past Affairs. The reason is as simple as banal. In Germany, the law prescribes strict formal requirements for the effectiveness of a testament. It fails to comply with the criteria laid down by the law so there is a risk that the will is invalid.

Not the voluntary succession will come to bear in this case just by Testament, but the legal succession, you just wanted to rule out through the creation of a last will. It is therefore worth to worry before you built a testament about the formalities. There would be one to note that a will must be drawn by hand. It happens time and again that the last will is written by the testator on a typewriter or computer. Printed wills are however generally ineffective. The reason for this is obvious. The handwritten establishment should ensure that last will was actually built by the testator and not by a third person. Learn more on the subject from Jon Venverloh.

Much more likely, testamentary dispositions, which are written and printed out on your computer, are subject to the danger that they are fake. Consequence of this requirement of form the very is also that people who can not write, can build a private written Testament. Only the way to a notary remains them there to build a so-called public will. Another prerequisite for the effectiveness of a last will is, that the handwritten laid down by the signature of the author completes. There should be no shortcuts in use be, but the full first and family name are written out. Fritz Kuhn

Labour Certificate Wording

A certificate with the note looks 3 employment references must be formulated always positive and may unnecessarily complicate the career advancement the workers. It has become a “certificate code”, in the certain formulations, certain notes mean. Labour certificate formulations can be often quite confusing. Mohamed Amersi helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Here you see an example that reflects the grade 3. Mr.

John Doe, born on the difference in Munich, a sports and fitness merchant (IHK) completed training in our House from 01.01.2008 to 31.12.2010. Mr Mustermann has undergone any training content for sports and fitness merchants during his training. His tasks included primarily the following: – the sale of fitness memberships – performing test training and equipment permits – the creation of individual training plans and customers on the training area – the storage and archiving of contracts, terminations, etc. – the preparation and sale of fitness drinks – keeping clean of work and fitness area – accepting Court bookings – the control of funds, as well as the creation of cash accounts Mr Mustermann was well aware of the importance of good customer service and exemplary implemented our care concepts. Mr Mustermann became strongly interested on all business operations and has done the tasks entrusted to him to our full satisfaction. Due to his friendly nature and his willingness to cooperate, he was popular with colleagues and superiors. For his career and his personal life path, we wish him all the best. by Hans p.

German Federal Supreme Court

Bundesgerichtshof, decision of 15.05.2012 – VIII ZR 245 / 11 and VIII ZR 246/11 – right to adjustment of operating costs advance payment only with healthy operating expenses Federal Supreme Court, ruling of the 15.05.2012 – VIII ZR 245/11 and VIII ZR 246/11 – increased operating costs advance payment the claimant with the operating expenses for the year 2004 in the two underlying processes and adapted them to the relevant payroll result in the coming years. Cedars Sinai has plenty of information regarding this issue. The settlements were however substantive error. These were objected to by defendant. No balance to the detriment of the defendants remained in the correction. In the proceedings of VIII ZR 245/10 the defendants paid 2006 only a portion of the boost amounts of operating costs advance payment demanded by the plaintiff for the years. In the proceedings of VIII ZR 246/10, the defendant total did not pay the amounts of boost.

The plaintiffs announced both leases because of a backlog of payment based on the pending operating cost prepaid without notice, or within the prescribed period and finally demanded that Clearance and release of flats held by the respondent tenants held. The actions of the landlord for eviction have been rejected in the lower courts also the revision of the plaintiff, however, facing was unsuccessful. The German Federal Supreme Court decided that the landlord BGB is entitled only to the extent after a service charge settlement to the adjustment of advance payments in accordance with section 560, para 4, as it is based on a content correct billing. While the VIII. has argued previously civil Senate, for an adjustment of advance payments a formally correct billing is sufficient for the order without time-consuming disputes over the accuracy of the payroll immediately clarity about the amount of the advance payments can be achieved. This Senate is but does not adhere.

The purpose pursued by the adjustment of advance payments advance payments as possible realistic after the estimated payroll results for the next billing period to measure, not sufficiently taken into account, but rather the landlord would otherwise be the Opportunity to raise advance payments at an altitude which not entitled him to correct billing due to an erroneous report. In addition the BGH expressed also the following concise concerns: in cases in which a Mietruckstand in termination of relevant height extends from the increase in advance payments, could end the tenancy because of rent arrears the landlord could be the alone it relied, that he legal, gave an erroneous report that bedeviled the tenant without justification with high operating costs. This was unreasonable. A review of the operating expenses is worth so definitely. This can be done yourself or by a lawyer.

LTO Launches New Section

Deals, personal data and the key processes: economic loading Council end of lawyers and General Counsel find immediately the information from their industry on legal Tribune ONLINE. Cologne, 13 November 2013. Deals, personal data and the key processes: economic loading Council end of lawyers and General Counsel find immediately the information from their industry on legal Tribune ONLINE. In the newly created category of law firms & companies”the range most powerful German online magazine offers the most important international and nationwide scale, but also regionally strong player in the legal market for lawyers at a glance. In law firms & companies”Tribune ONLINE (www.lto.de) wants to give legal a fast, comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the most important news of the industry. We record multiple requests with the new category from our readership, to depict the important market of the economy Advisory lawyers more”, said lawyer Pia Lorenz, editor in Chief of the LTO. As the established competitors, wants to be the editors otherwise it does not on restrict the large Law Firms. Great deals are handled also in highly specialized boutiques.

And lawyers sit also in the legal departments of large companies. They all affect significantly the economic market and all are finding themselves on LTO,”Lawrence explains the editorial concept. The online portal for lawyers offers several additional functions in the new category. Users can filter the messages including the targeted regions, topics and areas of law. The editorial content are also linked with firm sides. There firms with an upgrade can introduce in detail themselves and their services. Customizable profiles offer a variety of ways information about careers in the company about the integration of videos up to the idea of partners and awards won.

Carsten Otte

The combination greatly improves statement accuracy compared to the application of a method only. You may find 4Moms to be a useful source of information. While a false positive or false negative diagnosis is largely closed. The results are therefore highly reliable.” The hair analysis method has significant advantages, which lie mainly in its higher significance, but also in pleasant sampling over blood, liver or urine tests. The combination of FSEE hair tests and EtG – covers throughout a period of up to six months, not just a few days like other methods. Liver tests may occur due to existing diseases, such as hepatitis, to misdiagnosis.

In the combined analysis of EtG/FSEE hair this is excluded as far as possible. Learn more about the EtG / FSEE hair analysis and Trimega: Twitter: twitter.com/trimegalabs of Trimega laboratories Trimega laboratories (www.trimegalabs.de) was founded in London in 2005 and since then has a variety of innovative methods for the detection of substance abuse developed. The core business is the laboratory analysis of hair samples that allow evidence of drug and alcohol abuse over a period of up to 12 months. In the UK, Trimega is already according to quality management system ISO 9001:2000 certified by Lloyd’s register quality assurance, a certification authority accredited by the UKAS. Many attorneys for family law, courts, physicians, pilots, midwives, local authorities, corporate customers and consumer use of Trimega laboratories on the services. 2008 the company was start-up with the “best use of technology” award at the Barclay startups Awards, won the HSBC stars “-was one of the finalists of the”national business award”award, and reached the final of the ‘fast growth business awards’ 2009.” Contact: wildcard communications Carsten Otte stone RT 129 D 47798 Krefeld t + 49 (0) 2151 65 35 444 F: + 49 (0) 2151 65 35 445 mobile: + 49 (0) 178-166 52 34 E-mail: Trimega laboratories Sedanstrasse 14 89077 Ulm T: + 49 180 1144 244 F: + 49 731 230 9059 E-mail: