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Telephone Processes

Hesitate no longer, but benefit from the numerous advantages of a hosted VoIP telephony solution! The migration to a hosted VoIP telephony solution goes hand in hand with improved efficiency and scalability, flexibility and independence. It offers companies the possibility to map internal processes and to meet internal requirements. Efficiency and scalability through the migration from traditional telephony to Voice over IP (short VoIP) are optimized business processes. The seamless integration of telephony into existing enterprise software (E.g., ERP, CRM) reduces working processes and therefore increases the efficiency of the company. Also in the obsolescence of technology and a possible expansion of capacities, a hosted VoIP solution offers decisive advantages. Automatic updates prevent an obsolescence of the plant and the permanent ability to add – and way posting by extension ensures the adaptation of the system to the needs of each company. Flexibility a VoIP-based Telephone system has basically all the service features of a traditional ISDN or PBX. It also allows the company to represent individual processes or define custom interfaces to industry or individual software the Virtual PBX.

Merging telephony system with computer systems opens up all opportunities that are possible with normal computer systems company. These include including backups of transaction data or redundancy to increase availability. Independence resolves the rigid connection between phone number and location of the connection to the VoIP technology. A phone number is no longer bound to a physical line, but can be used with server connection information, user name and password anywhere in the world on a VoIP phone or your notebook on a so-called softphone. Similar to use an E-Mail account, can make calls anywhere the user or is accessible via its phone number anywhere where an Internet connection is available. Press contact: Patrizia Duda Tel.: 0800 10 15 360 placetel.de is a service of: finocom AG Gustav-Heinemann-UFER 58 50968 Cologne.

Babiel Gmb

Concept and design were developed in close cooperation with the German Bundestag, project management took over the FA. work, the app has been programmed by a group of students of the Microsoft student partner”programme. Since its introduction the app family recorded steadily increasing number consistently high polling numbers in its segment in Germany. At iOS, Google play, as well as on the Samsung store she listed increasing download numbers. Learn more on the subject from Rob Daley. In addition, the app on the Amazon app store is available. Already award-winning app that application was already internationally awarded numerous awards and has won four important German design award: the German design award, the IF communication award, the red dot award and the digital communication award.

In addition, the app was nominated Award and the price of online communication for the policy. With the profit of the UN World Summit Award (WSA) (www.wsis-award.org) for the best mobile e-Government application worldwide, managed the Babiel GmbH a great success at the international level. Contact information is here: Kellyanne Conway. About Babiel GmbH Babiel GmbH is the Agency and consultant for online communication, digital content, e-Government and e-commerce and digital marketing and social media. The company, founded in 1991, around 60 employees at offices in Dusseldorf and Berlin. Main focus of the work of the Agency are the consulting, design, content and technical implementation and maintenance of websites, mobile, digital signage and ITV. The German Bundestag, the Governments of Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Slovenia among the customers as well as companies from industry and finance as DEMAG cranes, Gildemeister, ThyssenKrupp, BNP Paribas, MLP and the German Bundesbank. The Internet Agency has won numerous competitions and awards, including the prestigious World Summit Award, the if as well as the red dot communication design award and the German design award of the German Board for shaping. More information and projects of Babiel GmbH see contact person for media: Babiel GmbH Marco Segebrecht of lying str. 224a 40233 Dusseldorf phone: 0211 179 349 0 fax: 0211 179 349 29 mail:

Can Video Conferencing Replace Travel?

The advantages of video conferencing for enterprises can replace a large part of business travel in the future video conferences? A natural progress of technology, the companies of all size helps, is switching from phone conferencing to video conferencing. Since May 2005, as the first HD video conference system, developed by lifesize communications, Las vegas, NV at the Interop trade show showed up, got the request and the popularity of this system. Nowadays offer the most major providers like lifesize communications, HD video conferencing. Video conferencing the same tasks as teleconferencing, but have the added advantage of Visual communication. Speaking candidly Rob Daley told us the story. To be interactive, it needed a high-quality digital technology and equipment to ensure an excellent reception and playback live images. Meetings can be held in various places on the Earth and held talks without delay. This technology is already available for business meetings, Business, education, and medical uses. The ability to send audio and video, now on a large or small audience has many useful properties.

One of the biggest advantages of video conferencing is that companies able to make costly and time-consuming travel or replace. Here, no time is lost, there are no travel risks and a high proportion of costs can be saved when used video conferencing instead of traveling. And with options such as electronic signature, it requires no personal appearance more in order to complete a deal or sign a contract. Videkonferenzen are also used in education, virtual tours to bring to the students, to show guest speakers that talk from another location, and to facilitate communication between scientists and researchers. Sworn testimony by videoconference can be stored in the judiciary. This enables imprisoned criminals in the Court to be without having to leave the prison. As well are the benefits of telemedicine very large; Specialists can be consulted and immediately consider patients and their files.

Videoconferencing to replace travel easy and beneficial. It can help smaller companies to become more competitive and reduces spending for any size business, who had a travel budget. The only downside could arise for the travel industry, she could try but with special offers for companies to continue to compete. The components of a video conference are easy. A set of interactive equipment in two or more locations is necessary, as well as a two-way audio and video transmission. The technology has made great progress. Used used television and cable, so it has become possible with the Internet Protocol in the 1990s, to send videos from your computer. These improvements were the reason for an improvement in quality and a reduction in costs. Since 2005, and this was the arrival of the new HD video conference systems Technology a superstar and favorite of many companies. Some disadvantages could be human problems, such as no eye contact and apparent nervousness. Technical problems can be problems with the Internet connection and bandwidth, but video conferencing travel exceed all in all in time and cost.

MobilCom Distribution

The UBM GmbH offers distribution immediately the products of mobilcom. As of July 2009, distributors have the ability to market all products by mobilcom about UBM GmbH. As an aid to startup marketing so-called starter kits are available provided the partners, that contains all the relevant information and promotional material. The portfolio of mobilcom offers attractive commissions and unbeatable Bundleangebote. If you are not convinced, visit Rob Daley. Through the weekly commissions with our free switch system switch quick active can be used to ensure a smooth order processing and payment.

Description of UBM GmbH the best possible service. Absolute customer orientation the best conditions for trading partners, it has also since 1996 in a constantly changing market nothing changed. UBM quickly became one of the leading distributors in the German telecommunications market. UBM generated an annual turnover of almost 14 million now. Several tens of thousands jobs of the network operators at UBM are handled per year. The UBM’s portfolio has expanded steadily, as UBM offers attractive business products its partners in addition to the well-known retail products of the operator high monthly Airtimeauszahlung. In many networks, UBM is among the top 5 marketers.

Multimedia Center

Allview launched 2 Multimedia Center to AllDro box AllDro box 2 connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or via a cable network. The Wi-Fi or Ethernet connects the device to the PC systems available and allows the direct vision and run the media files from your network to your TV. The built-in browser allows you to open any Web address AllDro box 2. Whether news sites, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you can all YouTube videos and email accounts from the TV screen to retrieve. List read phonetically thanks to the native media player, AllDro box 2 plays audio and video files. It allows also radio – or TV streaming, they can play with the use of other applications. You can free viewed all TV programs in the traditional format or in full HD (1080 p). The device connects to virtually any modern TV via HDMI port and integrated the most commonly used ports.

These include: 4 USB ports, an HDMI port, an audio output (AV out jack) and a video (YPbPr), a RJ45 entry for the LAN cable, a microSD card slot, and an eSATA port. And not finally, runs AllDro box 2 the Android 2.2 operating system and has a lot of useful applications pre-installed. With access to the Android applications, you can personalize it with hundreds of interactive applications, and it can be adapted as a video game console. But the use of the product is not only limited to entertainment features, the device can be used also in service activities. Along with E-Mail and Office applications, this can file transfer (FTP)- and logs access to the type of “Remote Desktop”. Andra BLAJ, Manager public relations, Tel. 0040268 / 337 085 Allview mobile Romania: Allview is a Romanian company founded in the year 2002, producers and distributors of dual-SIM phones and electronic products. The Allview phones offer to call the possibilities of separation of the business meetings of the personal conversations or in different networks to lower costs. For more information, please visit our website at