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Click Affiliate

ClickBank has been the best solution as an intermediary in the marketing of digital products. Hein park capital may find this interesting as well. Especially for those who are starting with a limited budget and can not give us the luxury of a domestic payment processor. ClickBank, even with its strict policies regarding the payment of commissions, with its rules that sometimes seem impossible to comply, as that of 5 sales with different credit cards, the waiting period even more beyond the famous 60-day guarantee, and other more that have given to CB, his reputation as an excellent to make site purchases; but not exactly the best place to work as an affiliate. Are and that alternatives had who interested in generating an income, venturing into the world of promoting affiliate products?. Really very few and almost most heavily loaded toward the market in English. But, like everything that happens in the, things are not waiting..

The Same

It works the same. Simply analyse scale models as in the case of the nazi Germany concentration camps, where despite namely, finally, the destination face which, prisoners never rebelled. Now, that makes a Government that uses these methods to easily handle the population, when the object of fear used disappears?. Easy, invent another. If it is a democratic Government, in a country with laws that establish respect for individual guarantees and human rights, he invented an external threat. For example terrorism.

If it’s a dictatorship, Burma to cite a example, absolute contempt that dictators have the rights of man makes it unnecessary to invent anything outside, just strongly suppress any rebellion arising, and this will no longer arise. In any case, if the population that is, it frightens her and disillusioned it is, it will be very easy to use. Thus leaving aside all forms of dictatorial rule, democracies that use this method of Government, simply rotating a threat on the other in order to avoid wear on each of them. After all, people get bored always feared the same thing, and but translates some of these threats tend to think that they are not such. Do if it also distracts them – scares, through prophecies of terror, fueled by the media, and the reluctance to comment on the part of the authorities, creates the feeling of suspicion, in which the public thinks, if all this is a fantasy, you refrain from making comments that hide?, is there anything of true?A famous American writer of science fiction recently deceased, M. Crichton, whereby we have great affection and whose loss we regret a lot, had that strange and wonderful way of writing a fictional story, in which the reader, even knowing that you it’s fiction, almost, almost, believes it. We are convinced that Dr. Crichton would have been the best author for those inventahistorias that different Governments, used to distract us from the shameful reality or to obtain our consent in specific project or choice.In his book; State of fear, Crichton, brilliantly, as in all his writings, uses a discredited but known character in the world of environmentalists to make a quick, fleeting, but excellent description of interest that certain Governments have in maintaining the population in a permanent state of fear, which as a muzzle or a collar keeps it tied always and which can be pulled if necessary in times of needi.e.


Happiness, the smile of a child, the embrace of a father or a mother, being alive, being able to walk, eat, talk, think, play and here another long etcetera that in the same way, for almost everyone is more or less the same in essence. However, a smile not calm a hungry stomach and does not pay the mortgage on the House and much less covers the payment of the pension in our children’s school. If you have read about Western Union already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Quite serious is therefore, not having enough money to cover all those basic needs that we face in our lives. And again the question how do I earn the money I need to be able to live in peace, without feeling overwhelmed and depressed by the long list of obligations and monetary commitments in which generally we live? not having enough money robs us the peace and tranquility. Someone once said: spirituality with hunger does not fit and go in a way he was right. Clifton Robbins has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is not easy to achieve such a degree of peace and inner harmony, if I know that tomorrow I cancel the service of light and don’t have a dime to do it, or worse still is not easy to know that your children have nothing to eat today. Do and come back to the same thing and if I don’t have enough money where you got it? believe me that this question I I did in many moments of my life and both wonder and investigate, found many ways to solve this cumbersome situation. The shortage of money is something really disturbing.

To me cost me losing my home and see how my ex-wife was going to bed with other men just because those other men had what I had not: money. As they say out there a good (checkbook) checkbook, kills a gallant. Nothing is worth or serves to be a good person, a good citizen, a good father or a good son, if you don’t have enough money to live or to support your family. .

Perez Gago

Thus, the first glow of our true convictions (from our point of light, the invisible rialidad seer) van becoming our first prejudices, our topics, our ideas, our points of view, which will soon, in ideologies, a worldview and not in an admiration of the universe. Being the world here is what we see outside and the universe that lives us from within. This reminds me what years ago I thought and I discovered afterwards embodied in Maria Zambrano and, later, and best in our master Perez Gago. Before the beauty of the snow there are two positions: the simple admiration or the domain of pick it up, even stepped on. As I say to my students all courses, is as if humans were a small onion that is acquiring layers. Layers that, far from giving us being at the onion, obfuscate us and bury us. The work of maturity would be, as well, to leave stripped of those layers, to once again become a flor de piel, what we are. Said academically: maturity would be, not fill us with layers of knowledge, of ideologies, viewpoints, but in sifting everything with filter and laser point of light that we are in the deep.

In the deep us is. is is growth. Our comprehensive training process. Process of personal integrity esthetico. The grooming staff ontonoetico, as taught us and teaches Perez Gago.

Daily immersion in our sources. Rejuvenating springs that lead us to more mature ourselves. To reach the last millimeter of our personal stature. Stature and interior age inhabiting prior, in nature, in essence, not chronologically, to our individual existence. Although generalizations are often inaccurate, throughout my short, but intense existential journey, I have also noticed that, at least, there are two biotypes of human beings, or, rather, two vital archetypes that exist in all human being: the archetype of the faith and the archetype of the reason. The archetype of the faith in the transcendent and the archetype of the faith in the immanence. Returning to the example of the snow: the archetype of the obedient admiration and the archetype of the insolent question. The heart and the head. This is clearly seen throughout history, in the traditional flows more spiritualists and the more materialistic. At the times of consecration and in moments, like the current of secularization. Even in our personal biography, between the moments of trust and the moments of defeat. This generates the various alterations of humans that coincide with the alterations proposed by the Esthetica. Within the faith in the immanence is the so-called active activity, disposition of the asset, the pragmatic, and also of the rebel, which requires only rights. But, also, passive inaction to be accommodative. tica and socially, this is translated in the various human moods the Esthetica called trying and well-being. Trying of whom not subordinating your be your be, do or have, and well-being of who ordered his being under the mortgage of being, having, or doing. There are multiple symptoms of this detour to well-being. Currently, our life revolves around outside, the objects possessed, to

Plasma Work

At the moment there is a low demand for labour, so that people who come to have a secure job are very few, the vast majority have a job that is in a tightrope. This allows companies require their employees every time more jobs that are held for extras without pay, require hours impose us an increase in the activities set out in the contracts we signed upon entering, requirements to achieve goals of excessive sales or productivity, which are linked to our salary in the form of commissions. Because of this our family, emotional and social relationships decrease drastically, is common that the children see their fathers, only at night, that father figures are grandparents and maybe remember their parents only by photographs. An alternative to this situation is to work independently as external staff for other companies, this gives us freedom to manage our time in the way that we want, but we have a big disadvantage. If we want to have more money, we will have to work hard again, this becomes in a vicious, which provokes, that at the end we work still more than in a traditional job. We all dream of being entrepreneurs, being the owners of our own time, without anyone to us of orders, opening and closing our business when we want. However this reality is very similar to the autoempleado, since now the liability of business fall on our hands, because we have the idea of if you want something goes well, you do it yourself, what will bring us as a result work more and have more responsibilities. What confronts us with Robert Kiyosaki in his book rich dad, poor is father that all must be responsible in managing our finances, we must be aware of two very important terms that are active and passive.

Explains in a simple way and without mixing the accounting definitions that: an asset is something that puts money in your pouch. Let us take an example. When we buy a House, it becomes a liability, for what reason?, good We’ll generate expenses, such as the payment of property taxes, the remodeling we do, etc. If we put them in income instead will generate extra income without that we work for it, with which we will have obtained an asset. A liability is something that takes money from your purse. For example: the Plasma screen we just buy, if we need money and we want to sell, we will always offer less of what we pay for it, by the use we already gave him, therefore its value always goes down. In the example of an asset, we realize that we require an effort to buy the House, but we saw the benefit in the time in which we begin to rent, because we are already enjoying the fruits of our effort. Therefore our primary objective from now on should be increasing our asset column.