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Brazil Question

However, in this walked, Scrates made some enemies with its investigations, questionings and discords. The worse ones of them had been leader religious and the State. In this direction, the questionings of Scrates were so strong and influential that arrived to bother the powerful ones of the classic time of Greece, a time that put in guideline and question truths until then unquestioned, that it could influence of negative form the citizens. In the words of Loving Alceu Rasp, it describes the crimes for which Scrates was accused: Scrates was accused to refuse the cult due to deuses of the State, introducing demonic entities, with this perverting the youth and taking it to commit it the same crimes (of atesmo against deuses official), therefore thus would only be the crime under the jurisdiction of the King, to who competed the defense of the religion of the State (Rasp. 1992. P.

7. in Vindication of Scrates). truth is that Scrates, when questioning definitive effective subjects at the time, influenced diverse heads, as of the young and its disciples, making with that these started to question all an order that watch, provoking quarrels and debates around this. An example clearly of this is Scrates to believe that the power would have to be destined only to those with the real capacity to govern, a right government, for the merit, that is, of the philosophers, a time that they could only lead the plis of form joust and virtuoso, therefore the absolute truth would only set question for its hands. In this direction, Scrates brought a debate that is rank until nowadays, regarding the form of as the governing are elect through our democratic system, that is, for the majority. However, to a large extent of the times, nor always what a majority he chooses is the ideal for a system politician, as in the case of Brazil, where representative they are elect for its fame, for its jarges, its favour.

The Philosophy

Continuing the OCNs (they idem) they detach that: Also the fidgets of ethical matrix, that are excited by episodes politicians in the scenes national and international, beyond the debates stopped around the criteria of use of the scientific discoveries are pressing. One perceives here the importance of the philosophy in the sociopoltico context of changes, as much in the ethical field how much in the field politician. The Philosophy comes ' ' acompanhar' ' the man in the society with all its vicissitudes. Therefore, the return of the philosophy in the resume of average education comes to make possible to the half educandos to problematizar such fidgets making possible them answers and/or solutions and new inherent investigations to the life, the reality, with sights to the new challenges, the changes and the transformations. II the RETURN OF the PHILOSOPHY AS IT DISCIPLINES OBLIGATOR all After this peregrination, without a doubt, the return of the Philosophy in Average Ensino marks a conquest.

It was an advance not only of the seen point of one educational politics, but also of the point of view of the democratic politics. &#039 was one; ' to awake of caverna' '. Paraphrasing Kant, one to wake up for the majority, in view of the resistncias, the fights and to gone and the returns of the Philosophy in the resume. Today, this inclusion is commemorated, however, it points two concerns. The first one is the lack of permitted professors is demanded more than what qualified for the exercise of the docncia: professor-philosopher-investigator for it disciplines; second, the first one is tied and says respect to the formation of the professors of Philosophy which to approach to ahead in brief way. The OCNs, also when approaching the question of the return of disciplines of philosophy in the resume already waved that: … The treatment of the Philosophy as a curricular component of average education, at the same time where it comes to the meeting of the citizenship, is presented, however, as a challenge, therefore the satisfaction of this necessity and offers of a quality education is only possible will have established conditions adjusted for its presence as it disciplines, implying the guarantee of material and human resources (2006, P.


I ask: Which son, a mother chooses to die first? Which choice will be most correct, Most ethical? The col baby, thus to think to deprive it of the disasters of the life, or I leave, it to live to try if the life is good or bad? With age a little above? Or I leave, them to leave alone (in the case would go to the mother for the chamber of gas), and to know of truth the Life? It would be just with them to live without referencial of the mother and father? Had been they who chose to be born? However, Sofia does not have plus nobody in the life is the two. The soldiers are armed until ‘ dentes’. How Sofia must have decided this ethical problem in few seconds? To run away, not of! To travel the three, also not! Without saying, that it had little mercy in the nazista soldier! What to make? Which the best exit? It exists? (to see film and to reflect, to inquire the choice of the main personage; Sofia). Pakula, in its film presents you the life! I, will not present you the reply! By the way, it nor was in my investigations. I can guarantee to them that it does not have nothing equal! If it is that in the life really some thing is chosen! The regret, is that unhappyly, some people can think to be this film, much ‘ antigo’ not to have nothing to have with the life.

Probably the majority of the landlords, must have given sumio! It does not have exit, (critical of the author the landlords whom if they undo of classic films without having notion of the noble present content in the workmanship), not of the money, are legendado etc., etc. These things of who not of the value to the knowledge, also say, not to have time to read, to think, to breathe, to choose, for nothing! The calls dead livings creature! Not to know to live, is an excellent signal of that ‘ you be untuning ‘ , Sofia, will give a quaint lesson on this. Lesson of that almost nothing it is chosen. It does not have nothing ilusrio, to choose, finding that it is dominating the situation. To think can excessively be risky, aches. ‘ ‘ If you to ask to me as daqui is people, will be forced to answer: ‘ ‘ Same of all parte’ ‘. As the species human being is uniform! The majority suffers almost all during its time, to only be able to live, and the few lazeres that they remain to it are so full of concerns that it looks to all the ways to alliviate them. Oh, destination of the man! ‘ ‘.

The State

The State started to search each time more to guarantee the exercise of the citizenship. (…) The after-modern society dived in phenomena as: Internet, the globalization, clonagem, was planetary, ONGs, etc, of another side, the degradation of the man, the xenophobia, the terrorism, the misery, the consumerism, etc. (Fraga, 1999, P. 76). The experiences politics, have not been of existosas. (…) It has a skepticism politician, motivated for the negative example of the action of some politicians. The problem of the ethics in the politics, it part of the idea of values. Weber still makes one analyzes sufficiently deep of the capitalist system, pointing logical elements of the formation and deformation.

(…) The capitalism obtained to demonstrate a sufficiently significant capacity of overcoming of its contradictions. (…) Weber testified the recovery of the capitalism, after the crisis of the beginning of century XX. (…) this made possible Weber to think of different form the solutions or alternatives for the capitalist society, (…) that it coexisted between a great economic development and a great social subdesenvolvimento. (Fraga, 1999, P. 77-78). The basic elements of the capitalist logic are: exclusion social, constant and fast devalorizao of merchandises and impossibility of macroeconomic control on the society. To solve this problematic one social scientist is necessary to understand the actions of the man thus it to search mechanisms in order to mediate the process exploration.

(Fraga, 1999, P. 79). The State, the right, and the bureaucracy is rational instruments that guarantee the functioning of the capitalism. The function of the State is to guarantee and to format the social cohesion. (Fraga, 1999, P. 80). The scientific weberiano method if constitutes in the construction of the ideal types that are parameters of scientific inquiry, from which the researcher if approaches to the investigated object. Weber cited for Fraga, (1999, P. 81) thus defines the ideal type.

Ontologia Principle

' Language and the possible identity of being narrada' ' ' ' The identity concept has been examined of some points of view. Two more detached they are the ontolgico and the logical. The first one is clear in the call ontolgico principle of _identidade (_a equal _a), according to which any thing is equal same itself. As it is the call logical principle of identity, which is considered by many logical of traditional trend as the logical consequence it ontolgico principle of identity, and for other logical as the principle ' ' _a belongs to any _a' ' (logical it terms) or as the principle ' ' _s _p (where _p symbolizes a declarative statement), then _p' ' (logical them proposies' '. For even more opinions, read materials from Kohl’s. In the continuation of the history of the philosophy both the directions if have interlaced and confused with frequncia.' ' (DEFERRED PAYMENT, 1978, P. 132) Since that the Ontologia was if configuring as one disciplines that it tried to explain the being, had appeared many questionings on this ' ' dizer' ' the being, therefore some of the general aspects in the ways used for the identification of the same could be contaminated for external factors to the being and that in turn they would invalidate any that was the final judgement on the subject. One of the main questions to about the subject is of the Language and the search of a hermeneutic understanding of the identity of the being, that is, would be exactly possible if to say the being through the language, knowing that the same one comes from the observer and not from the investigated being? How to conciliate the being in itself exactly with the proper conditionings of who investigates, resulting in a formularization that can in fact state with allegiance what it is the being? In this direction let us start for Heidegger that in its ontologia, defined more as a metaphysics of science, says that what becomes possible the existence is the being, but that the same it cannot be said, therefore ' ' (…) the language appears, first, under the form of the tagarelice as the one in the ways as if manifest degradation or inautenticidade of homem.' ' (DEFERRED PAYMENT, 1978, p.170) On the other hand we have the figure of Wittgenstein that identifies this language as a linked tram of significaes to our life, that so to speak also could be seen as another tram. .

Slvio Romero Sociology

The taxonmico arrangement considered by Slvio Romero obeyed a criterion that Comte and Spencer, each one its way, had established to classify sciences. This criterion was the degree of increasing complexity presented by sciences. For Slvio Romero, the Mathematics and the Logic, due to locked up absolute generality in its respective objects of study, would serve as you discipline propeduticas, that is, branches of knowing that they would only guarantee the necessary beddings to the knowledge of too much sciences. For classification effect, these if would divide in natural sciences and sciences human beings, even so were, in certain measure, complementary. In defense of sociology Slvio Romero he was the first Brazilian thinker to defend sociology, detaching to it a proper scientific statute, whose theoretical and metodolgicos criteria of boarding of the object could not be identical to the ones of natural sciences. The concern of Slvio Romero in systemize sociological inquiry in Brazil has been explained not alone for the initial influence that suffered from the ideas of Comte, as, after that, of the ones of Spencer and, later, Le Play.

Its theoretical debate with more celebrates of the representatives of the School of Recife, Tobias Barreto, is had as another factor to explain its inclination the subjects of scientific organization of sociology. For some, this quarrel with Tobias Barreto is enough as causal factor. They allege that if it was not for the intellectual importance of Tobias Barreto in the national scene, Slvio Romero if dedicated to ample and had perhaps not based a prohibited one of sociology, still in the end of century XIX. First, it sees the terms of this quarrel enters these two exponents of the School of Recife. Tobias Barreto attacks sociology (to the time, positivista), for not considering it a science, after all, the field of performance of this was not the investigativo, as of natural sciences, but the normative one.

Boris Izraitel

The third fact which speaks in favor of horary astrology is that self-treatment to an astrologer, already an event in the life of a man who turned to him. I'm in my practice are constantly confronted with it. If we compare the client's horoscope and horary horoscope, we sometimes see significant similarities. Boris Izraitel even proposed to carry out rectification horoscope based on time of the application to an astrologer. In my practice, convinced that his proposed method indeed shows excellent results. Thus, horary astrology can really help to find answers to many questions.

Sometimes feel that horary astrology can be used only to answer the question "Yes or no." This is true, but only partly. Horary horoscope also shows the whole situation and everything connected with it. At the same aspects of the decaying matter in the horoscope often point to the events that have already occurred, while convergent aspects of the show to see what happens. For example, if a horary chart too much decaying aspects and too little to converge, we can assume that much has already happened, the situation has passed its climax. If also in the map pattern is reversed, the situation is still in its beginning stages and major events yet to occur.

An interesting trend Horary astrology is also possible to search the missing items! At the time of issue of the loss can be constructed horary map that shows the location of an object or even a person. Horary astrology can be a very rich information, and not only get a response level "Yes" or "no" (although this, too, horary astrology is strong), but also to describe many situations. Particularly valuable horary horoscope may be for those people who do not know the exact time of birth or even a day birth. Thus, the use of horary astrology in practice can bring huge benefits to the client as an astrologer, and an astrologer himself, who will be able to significantly expand its toolkit and improve accuracy of the conclusions and judgments.

Weber Contexts

In this simple exercise of logic, Weber carries through a metodolgico process of induction, in the construction of subcategorias, that are inserted in categories, that if insert in bigger categories, leading to believe an surrounding concrete. We can conclude here, in the analysis of these classic authors, who all they work with different questions, perspective different and also different methods, but all have as principle the search for verdicas answers for the mundane questions, taking in account its contexts and its ideas. However, taking in sight its methods and its distinct perspectives, we will see an academic dispute and until ideological politics and, a time that its exculpatory rules act of form in the search of true answers, when trying to interpret the concrete reality and to answer of verdica form what this provides to them; but, when admitting these inserted theories in contexts politicians, many times have one me the interpretation of its ideas, leading diverse people to leave the cientificismo of side, in favor of strict ideological battles, harming the work of the true scientist, in the analysis of the facts and the search of answers objective. Thus, therefore, we must understand the method inside De Campos epistmicos of sciences human beings, therefore in it they are inserted ontolgicos rules (with its conceptions on the essence of the citizen and the object); antropolgicos (taking in account the history of the man and the existing relation between them); epistemolgicos (in the direction of if arguing a theory of the knowledge); gnosiolgicos (when searching the validity of the reached knowledge). Passing the quarrel to uncurl it of sc. XX, we will reflect on the reduction of the method to the science, caused for marketing, social and human contexts. In these terms, as seen in ‘ ‘ The method as question in the research with scienter cientfica’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ the rapidity with that empirical science presents resulted would be greater that the agility of a reflection in depth on the conditions where the knowledge if realiza’ ‘ (Kings).

The Biotica

Knowing bipartite search new integrations and forms to deal with the life and dying, and these are imperative in our daily one. Certezas quickly is transformed into questionings and the caution and the balance are pertinent values to the questions of the day. Technological advances without ethical reflection if have shown pernicious and perverse in the effective market economy. She is necessary to argue with clearer criteria what more it is adjusted to make and because, without the seduction of the magical promises that comes each technological and scientific discovery together with. The Biotica of century XXI brings the rescue of the philosophical reflection for the practical encaminhamentos that we need to have in the order of the day. Philosophical thinking as that one that perpassa all science looking for creative solutions to the existing problems. For the philosopher, to talk? to speak? to argue is the exercise of an art that speaks of its love to the wisdom, stops beyond any knowing bipartite and linear. In accordance with Pessini (2008), the philosophy assumes its place next to medical sciences, pointing one another possibility of analysis of the problems of the clinical Biotica, bringing the patient as person (Salvador, 2009), at a very opportune moment, when this if had become a number, an agency or a consumer.

Pessini (2008) not only considers ethical reflections in relation to the human beings, but to all the beings livings creature, including in its analysis the questions of the values that we have for the life; of the environment; of the culture; of the mediation with a type of progress that facilitates and guarantees the life without threatening it. For one it has rescued in century XXI of the philosophy with science in the confrontation of the difficult questions of our time. Our active participation becomes, therefore, necessary, practical, inclusive, therefore good part of our conviviabilidade depends on the choices that we make throughout the life and of as we establish communicative bows and forms of belonging.